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As anyone who knows John Davin will tell you, John Davin's goal in life is to share the secrets and the power of the Internet with anyone and everyone who will listen.

About John Davin

Although Mr. Davin owned and operated a retail computer store for nearly 20 years, he now earns his living working from his Internet based office in his home. One of his joys in life is in assisting new computer users, small businesses and Internet marketers looking for new, cost effective ways to market their products and services.

To date, Mr. Davin has helped thousands of clients, has written 6 books for the computing industry and is continually increasing his library of books and reports to help the computer user.

Following the basic belief that successful marketing is about providing education and free information to prospective clients to gain their trust, Mr. Davin is also following his own advice by sharing many of his books and seminars for free, revealing much of what he has learned from over 20 years of on-line business and computer research and consulting. is his official web site, which also acts as his new office in his home. The system is used as a source of information to help everyone say, "The Internet truly is my new office too!"

Mr. Davin gives many of these books away at no charge to groups such as schools, churches and other self help institutions.
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Mr. Davin is available for speaking engagements and offers free books and articles to related magazines, publications and organizations.

Please contact Mr. Davin below if you would like to request a date to make a presentation about computers and the Internet for your organization.
You can contact John at or visit him at his website for his new office.

Here's what a few people have said about his progress in this regard, talking about his business startup guide.

"It's truly an amazing comprehensive list of all the points you'd need to cover in starting a business. If someone misses something, it's not because it's not included in your checklist."

Rosalind Gardner

Internet Marketing Coach

"Through the e-book approach, John continues to update it with the latest tools. His passion for continual development of his products increases its value daily.

I am confident that you will find at least one new tool to help you improve your business from the checklist and his books.

Jonathan Jones

Provider of management consulting associated with Dale Carnegie - St. Louis for 11 years with a focus on executive leadership development; and management, process, and results alignment.

"If I were a High School or college instructor looking for the single most important source of information to help my business students understand the depth, scope and workings of the Internet for business use, I'd direct them to the web site and save all the time others are wasting trying to get a grip on this information giant."

M.E. Prosser,BA, MS, PhD Publishing Co, Author:The Real Estate Primer, educational consultant, business consultant, owner: Automotive Computer Systems, The Center For Real Estate Education.

I've got to tell you... I've saved so much time and stress since I started using your checklist for success - daily - not only in the business start up stage, but also for tracking information about my business. Especially my passwords and contact information. Really, who ever thought losing a password could cause so much trouble, or lose a sale worth so much money? I sit back and wonder sometimes how much further ahead of the game I would be if I'd have had this checklist for success when I started my first business.

Dick White


Our goal is to help you turn your computer into the fun, time saving, money making machine the salesperson said it would be! Your computer will be your new office, full of useful tools and services.

See you in the discussions, seminars and training area.

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John Davin




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