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Att: Resellers and affiliates....

Earn 50% on each book sold from your link!

That's right.....we do all the work... and you still earn a 50% commission (referral fee) per book!

I want to pay you to sell my books!

It really is simple. I want to reward you for sharing our book with your friends, business associates. And we'll pay you a 50% per sale! All you have to do is put a simple link on your web site or send it out in your e-mail.

That's because when your customers buy our products, we've already tracked the leads as coming from you and it's simple for us to pay you. In fact, our system sends you a check (checks are sent out 2x per month) as a way of saying thank you, automatically!

BUT THAT'S JUST A START! You can also earn on many other options.

Here's how you benefit:

It's a great way to help your clients in their business.
It's a great way to earn a check for simply making a referral that results in a sale.
It's a great guide for you to use for training your clients for additional billable hours.

How do you get started?

All you need to do to earn $50% per sale is:

Create your free account at Clickbank.
Create the your personal commission sales code.

Looking at the example below, just replace the "yournickname" with your clickbank ID

Share the book with your friends or contacts via e-mail/web.
Then you'll earn commissions when they click on the link and go to our site to buy the book or other services. For example, you simply share the link below with your contacts by placing it on your website, in an e-mail, or however you want to promote our book.

Check the mail for your checks!

In just minutes from now, you can be selling this book and making money!

You earn 50% on every sale, so here is the math. Our average sale is $97 but we do make sales up to $250.00! One the $47.00 sales, you earn $23.50, and $135 on the $250.00 sales!

You simply need to tell your friends or place banners on your web site!
That's all you do! We do the rest! We accept the payment, we ship the product, we take care of returns, etc. and you earn a commission for every checklist for success you sell.

That's all there is to it! Here are a few banners for promotion!

PS: If you need ideas on promoting the book, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a few ideas.

If you still have more questions, click here!

See you in the discussion area!

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