Tips for what truly belongs on a web site!


Are you ready to build your own web site? Use this checklist for success before you start!

Be sure read the chapter on how to develop your own website as well as the entire series of books onthe Internet and Internet marketing.


As you've read in our book on developing your own web site, there are many ingredients to building and marketing a successful web site, such as webrings, e-mail responders, hit counters and more. There's so much to remember, so we've created this quick check list, as we often forget some of the most basic and important items, such as your phone number or e-mail address!

Place a check in each box as you complete listing them below.

General customer information and offers:

[ ] A very specific explanation of what you are selling.
[ ] Reasons why your customer absolutely needs what you have.
[ ] Why your product is better than the products from the competitors.
[ ] Testimonials from your satisfied customers to promote your product.
[ ] A guarantee of satisfaction for your product or services as offered.
[ ] A free offer – something to close the deal before they visit elsewhere.
[ ] Information on how to order– just make it very easy for them to order.
[ ] Your polite request for the sale. Don’t be afraid to ask, and ask often.
[ ] Related products or services for latent sales or even residual income!

Marketing tools:

[ ] e-mail responder – to send follow up on related products and services.
[ ] Information about your e-zine (monthly newsletter) and how to subscribe.
[ ] Links to other sites who have reciprocal links to your site.
[ ] A suggestion to save your site in the customer’s favorites book.

Website design and Marketing

[ ] Website Counter – to track number of hits, how they found your site etc.
[ ] Meta Tags for the search engines so they find your site right away!
[ ] Key words  for the search engines to find your site right away!
[ ] Description line about your site

Contact Information:

[ ] Your fax number
[ ] Your phone number
[ ] Your 800# phone number
[ ] After hour emergency phone numbers.
[ ] Employee names and their respective specialties
[ ] A map to your location if you are a retail location.
[ ] Your e-mail address for requests for more information.

Print out this page and keep it next to your website as you develop your site.

NOTE: If you’d like to write this down in a word processing document so we don’t have to type it all in again, that would be appreciated! Simply copy from this document into a word processor, add your information and send it to us via e-mail, or we’ll pick it up if we are scheduled to come visit you.

Company Name:_________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City________________________________ State_______ Zip_____________

Phone Number:  (        ) ____________ Fax Number  (     ) ________________

Cellular Number: (       ) ____________E-mail _____________ @ __________

Description of your company/products (up to 60 characters)





15 Key words that describe your company





Key phrases that describe your company








Drive up










Billing Address:

Att: _________________________________________________________

Company ______________________________________________________


City _____________________________________ State _____ Zip________

Shipping Address:

Company ______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State _____ Zip______________





Contact Name

After Hours/Emergency




Owners: (optional)




Managers (optional)




Technical Support




Sales Representatives (1)




















Specialties of our firm:








What items do you wish to promote on your website?










































You may not think these options are important to your customer, but they may appreciate all the small services that add up to excellent service by your company.

Think about the options that are important to you when you purchase a product or service. Then put a check mark by the options you feel that you can offer to your clients on the website. Please make additional comments about these services at the space provided below.

[ ] Parent company name (if beneficial)
[ ] Is the company a Non Profit Organization?
[ ] If so, what is your company’s mission Statement?
[ ] How many years has your business been in business?
[ ] Is the company locally owned and operated? If not, where.
[ ] Are you nationwide or local? What regions do you now cover?
[ ] Do you provide customer references? References give you credibility!
[ ] List Special Awards for service - who has noticed your excellent services?
[ ] Membership and associations (chamber of commerce/better business bureau.
[ ] Are you professionally LICENSED? BONDED? And adequately INSURED?
[ ] What brand name products do you currently sell and service for customers?
[ ] Do you give free estimates? If not, how much do you charge for estimates?
[ ] What are the Payment terms – Net terms, Credit cards (which ones?)
[ ] Is warranty work completed onsite or is it a carry in warranty?
[ ] What is the duration of warranty on most of your products?
[ ] Who should be contacted for warranty work or returns.
[ ] Additional services you provide, such as training.
[ ] Do you offer on-site, or in house training only?
[ ] How much does the training cost the end user.
[ ] Delivery Information – list benefits to customer.
[ ] Do you have multiple warehouses to save on shipping?
[ ] Do you offer free shipping, and what are the requirements?
[ ] Do you offer standard ground, 2nd day, or red?
[ ] Do you provide quantity or re-seller discounts?
[ ] Do you even allow resale of your product?
[ ] Can resellers get co-op advertising?
[ ] Is free customer parking available?
[ ] Do you offer free customer parking?
[ ] Accounts payable phone numbers.
[ ] Accounts receivable phone numbers.
[ ] Are you hiring for any positions? Looking to fill the following positions?
[ ] List Personnel Dept address and who to contact when looking for employment.

We've left space here for your notes now that you have reviewed the above information!








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