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We're here to help you build your business with reviews of the tools you will need and a way to organize your business and the details about your business.

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Instructions for downloading your Startup Guide and Checklist:

Welcome to our checklist for success, a 60+ page document you can print and save on your desktop. Follow the links to the services you need, then track all of the information about your business to simplify your business and your life!

I'm sure you'll use many of the hundreds of sources of business forms, web site tools, free software and more, so get it now!

It has many free business tools, including everything you read about in this book and hundreds more, complete with links to the sites of the business tools. Some of the business tools also allow you to get them at no cost when you give referrals, another bonus.

automatic sponsoring   Click here to download your book. Be patient.
It may take a few minutes to download, as it is a large book.
automatic sponsoring   Save the file to your desktop of your computer.
This way you can open it anytime you like. Just visit our site regularly to download a fresh copy. About once per month should be fine.
automatic sponsoring   Print the manual, then place it in a 3 ring binder.
Now you will have the document (and your business information) in front of you at all times!
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Use the links to sign up for all the services you need.
...We've inserted links to hundreds of business tools and services, many are even free!

automatic sponsoring   Write down all the information about your business.
...the important stuff, like passwords, check accounts, credit card accounts, vendor phone numbers, customer lists and more! Now it's easy to find!

The Key to success:

Is your computer the time saving, money making machine the salesperson said it would be? If not, you are not alone, but the Internet will be the most powerful and useful device ever invented, and that it will change the way you work and play, if you give it a chance.

In this case, it's about learning from others, then being organized for business. Get started today, do it right!
Remember, it takes a few steps to gain success. Take them one at a time.

You have taken the first step by downloading our business startup guide. Now take another by reviewing the rest of our books.

Start with step one here, like the ones below. There are at least 7 books to read, at no charge.

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You have my best and warmest wishes for success.
A wish for successful computing to you!

John E. Davin

Download your free business guide here and learn about free business plans as well.