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Quick and handy links...

800 Numbers directory, online.
Atlas - learn about places, online.
Area Codes - just enter the city and state.
Calculators - for 100s of business needs.
Encyclopedia - learn about people, places, online.
Mail - check your e-mail here while on the net.
Maps - and driving directions anywhere in the US.


  Newspapers - find almost any newspaper in the US.
People - find e-mail addresses, phone numbers and more.
Shipping solutions - UPS, Fedex, USPS are all listed here.
Stocks - track the current prices of your company stock.
Weather - help plan business trips.
Zip Codes - just type in the city and state


Examples of business tools we review...


Logos - Every successful business needs a sharp, attention getting logo. But do you really want to spend thousands of dollars on one? Now you can get a logo design for only $45.00! It's easy and best of all, the logos are created and sent to you within 72 hours!

Help others create/market/sell their own promotional items! This company allows you to offer any image or logo on a variety of t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. and even gives you your own web page to sell your own promotional items! WOW!

Contact Managers-
In any kind of business, you need be able to track your contacts, for sales, vendors and other contacts. You need to know who you talked to, when you talked to them, when you should follow up with them again, and then how to quickly reach them, via phone, cell phone, fax, e-mail or even your e-zine or newsletter.


Remote Control- Many people want to access their computers from either home, work or vacation spots, etc., and you can show them how! Get paid for setting up the software by the hour and earn residual income each year when they renew their subscription!

Ways to improve personal credit reports - Join a financial planning system - Learn how to take control of your financial future with these powerful tools.... like free credit reports, debt reduction plans, loan calculators, and the opportunity to immediately join a powerful income building system.

Want to discuss business topics?

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Note: To join a seminar, all you need to join us is a set of speakers and an inexpensive microphone.

Our seminars are like any other seminar. But with a few bonuses! With our special software, you can:

1. Record the presentation.
2. See the web pages as we view them.
3. Ask questions during the presentation.

Best of all, our new technology allows us to train you live, via the Internet!

The primary seminar is how to use our Startup Business Guide.
But we do also cover additional topics in other seminars.
A few topics covered in our seminars:

How to buy the right computer.
How to choose the right software.
How to start your new business venture.
How to get your logo, business cards, more!
How to create a web page from start to finish.
How to market any business, on or off the Internet.
How to give sales or training seminars through the Internet.
How to keep track of all of the information and assets
about your business in one easy to use place.

All the things that we cover in our books are open for discussion in our meetings and training on the Internet via our Talking Communities software.

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