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Let's get started. What is your definition of employment?
For just about every one of us, no matter what you call it, employment is a necessity. Some of us just have more fun at it than others, depending on our situation and our outlook! But it takes work to be a valuable employee to make good money with all the perks...

Read more on ways to find a better job
or make your current job a bettter one!

Employment Resources:

Salary Guides

Research your area of expertise to know what to expect.
- Tips on Improving your value to employers :)

Government positions:

The government is one of our top employers. A great place to work too!
- http://www.

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Assistance with:
Sources of help with these important elements of getting a great job.
- Resumes

On-line Employment Services (Post your resume here)

Chamber of commerce
Business listings and community support.
- Directory of Chamber of Commerces

Business Directories - (Research a business)
Business history and reports.
- Biz Advantage

Internet Resources
- Find a person
- Find a company
- Find an e-mail address
- Maps and driving directions

"Show em what you know with certifications... for credibility and more income. Here's where to start! J.D. Davin

Certification simply means you have a way to show your skills set to a prospective employer or allows you to justify a promotion or raise at a current job! Certification simply gives your education and experience the credibility you deserve!

You already know your income and job description is can be dependent on how well you can present your skills set. Nothing makes this easier than a certification from a qualified and respected source. Certification levels the playing field and makes it easier for prospective employers to compare skills between candidates for a particular position. Most importantly it assures you that at least you will not be left out of consideration for that new position.

Of course certification is a never ending program, and one that can take quite a bit of studying and time, but it's the best move you will ever make, especially if you start now!

Best of luck!

John E. Davin

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