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computing how to books and discussions.

MyNewOffice - "How to automate virtually every process of your business, and turn the Internet into your new office."

Finally, here is a business guide you can follow every day. And a checklist to make sure you follow through. Just print it out, and follow the links to the information and services you need. Then be sure to write down all of the details about your business for safe keeping and for quick access.

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin - Business and Organization Coach

"How to turn the Internet into your new mobile, global, Internet based office to
automate and enhance your business and your life,"
By J.D. Davin

Whether you are in business or starting a new business:

"Where else (but on the Internet) can you open a new store or second location for your business at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar building, be open almost overnight, be open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, reduce your overhead, reduce the number or required employees, market your product inexpensively to millions, accept credit card payments electronically, drop ship products you don't even carry in your inventory the very next day, mine customer data to create latent sales, and possibly become a millionaire? Only on the Internet! And if you have the right business plan and automate the entire process, you might even be able to do it from your home office!"

J.D. Davin 2000

Are you hoping to become more organized in your business, and looking for the tools you need to spend less time working? Or do you just want to make more money? In any case, with the secrets you will learn in this book, you can increase your free time, as you increase your sales, and decrease your costs of doing business. Best of all, you'll do it faster than you ever thought possible!

Luckily for you, attaining these goals will be easier for you now than at any other time in history, as you have access to the most powerful tools ever invented to organize, automate, simplify and grow your business. We are talking about the computer and the Internet of course.

Will you need to spend a lot of money to implement these services? No. Actually, many of these tools are already in your computer, or on the Internet just waiting for you to use them. If you're not using them yet, you've probably just not been lucky enough to discover them yet! My goal is to share these tools and services with you.

In fact, my goal is to show you how to set up these tools, as well as how to make checklists you can follow for success. If you follow our lead, in a matter of hours, you will have an e-commerce enabled web site, and a mobile Internet based office so you'll have access to your office and the information you need 24 hours per day, wherever you go. Even you're on a family vacation, called a business trip!

Getting started.

Where do we start ? By using the Internet to automate everything you do;

-Your daily duties and tasks.
-Your on-line marketing campaign.
-Your sales and collection processes.
-Your fulfillment and distribution process.
-The way you delegate tasks to your helpers.
-The way you duplicate yourself to increase profits.

Where do you start? By making a plan! Actually two plans.

Start out by writing two solid business plans.

efore we start, I have two favors to ask.

-1. Please realize that this book is just one of books in our series of books.

If you don't find all the information you need here, it's probably because the information is covered in another of our books. With a series of at least 8 books, and 700+ pages of information, it's hard to cover everything in one book, I decided to write this summary of all the books and make links to the other books to keep each book on one topic.

I outline a basic checklist for business success in the 2nd book, then in the 3rd book, I go back to start of how to get started with how to purchase a new computer and move on from there, covering things such as how to choose the right software, how to get on the Internet, how to create a new web site, how to market a product on the Internet, how to train others to duplicate your success, and many other topics.

-2. Stop and quickly ask yourself, what is your motivation for reading this book?

Is the answer only to make more money? If so, you're still reading the right book, with a friendly request. Please remember that although making money is important, there is just so much more to this book than making money, and I hope you catch some of the finer points of this book and make good use of them. Points such as

- A. Be sure to make the best use of your time and resources at work or play.
- B. Be sure to work to play, not play to work.
- C. Remember that it is always rewarding to help others realize their dreams by helping them build their success stories, even if it takes you a bit longer to realize your dreams.
- D. That someone else may have just the right word of advice or assistance at that right moment that helps you fulfill your dreams.

The bottom line: Please keep in mind that in the end, helping others helps us too, in many different and unexpected times and ways.
I hope you will endeavor to test this principle. It is important because as you create and use your Internet based office, it will open contacts for you perhaps all over the world, and you can can be a mentor to many people, even if you do not know you are being one

That said, I want to start out by stating that the most important concept of this book is as follows: You must decide what is important to you and how you want to work and play, then we can show you how to implement technology to maximize your earnings and free time. Fair enough?

To help you be concise in this, you need to write two solid business plans. Or at the very least you should have a very specific idea of what your goals are so you can attain them. Here is where you start.

-Write a business plan for the rest of your life.
-Write a business plan for your business.

I have to ways to help you with these tasks. The first is my business startup guide, and the second is an example of how I want to live my life. To help you with the business plan, of course I will hope you have purchased my business startup guide and can read it and follow it every step of the way.

To help with your personal business plan, I would like to provide a bit of back ground on myself and explain what is important to me. My goal in life is as follows: To automate my life, to increase my sales while I decrease my costs so that I make more money and have more time to do more of whatever it is important to me at that time!

You've already heard this, but it is true. Whether it be spending more time with my wife and two year old daughter, traveling to visit family and friends, playing golf or writing more books that help more people. Those are my priorities. I even have them written down in many different places, with specific goals and time frames for completion. This way I feel I can measure my success and achieve my goals in less time. Do you have a list of your priorities and a plan for both your personal and business lives?

If not, take the time right now to do so. Of course many business plans are hundreds of pages long, and I am sure you have visited for a professional business plan outline template. But for now, these plans can be as simple as 2-3 sentences, which you can update and expand over time as you learn more about yourself and what you can do on the Internet!


Check these sites for business plans and for assistance with your business.

So, take time to write down your basic goals here, and we will show you how to achieve your goals as we go.

My personal goals are: (e.g. more time with family, to help people, new car, etc.)




My business goals are: (e.g. to work less, make more money, provide jobs, etc.)




Congratulations! You have just taken you first step toward success. Now, take a huge leap of faith and take your second and third steps.

-Print out the
checklist for success work sheet.
-Place it in a 3 ring binder (after you punch holes in it!).
-Come right back here, without reading it. No cheating!

(Note: You may want to purchase a ream of pre-punched paper and a 3 ring binder if you plan to print the entire series of books. They are quite extensive!)

Do this right now, please. Even the checklist is long at 20+ pages, but it will be the best thing you have done in years for your future success and peace of mind. You'll have a plan and you will have all the information you need about your business in one, easy to find place. Won't that be a nice change of pace?

I know. For 20 years it seemed like I was always looking in different places for all my important information, wasting lots of valuable time that could be better used. I was looking in one place for the phone numbers for my vendors, another place for my account number for the phone number of the newspaper company to call to run an add, and another place to find my federal ID or state sales tax number, bank account number, etc. But now it's all in one place. What a time saver!

Along these lines, you will also want to organize the things you do during your day. You will want to:

Start by automating your daily tasks...

Find a day timer to plan each hour of every day, starting today.
If you prefer to use an on-line day timer, you can wait for this step as we will show you how to how to set one up on your computer.

I prefer the computer based daytimers, but here are two sources of daytimers that are NOT on your computer.
Franklin Covey Daytimer

If you use your computer to set your schedule, here is what it will look like on your computer. You can still print it out and take it with you, or you can access it from any Internet enabled computer. Wow.

In addition to having my to do list available on the Internet 24 hours per day, I also have my calendar, contacts list, e-mail and more all in one place with my on-line Intranet. I use these tools to organize my business and my time, by the day, week, month and year, etc., I will tell you that they absolutely will simplify your life and that you need to use them, period.

If you'd like to see how to organize your day this way, click here to see
how I use my personal web site to schedule and simplify my day. The document is in the Adobe Acrobat, which you can download here for free, if you do not have it already.

Now, back to your goals. Keep your long term goals in mind as you read this book and come back to the book and your goals day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year for direction. You should be using this template time and time again and be much better organized and better off for doing so. Just decide now that you will use it regularly, make it happen and see the results! Then send me e-mail 6 months from now telling me how much more organized and efficient you are!

Your first lesson about making your goals reality!

So, here is my first lesson and one of the most important things you will learn in this book. "The very first things you must do is automate everything you do, make it easy for people to get information from you, and then make it easy for them to buy from you. This will free you up to complete the really important projects without interruptions. Now, notice I did not say 'Make it easy to reach you.' There is a difference!"

All of the ideas presented here truly will simplify your life for increased sales, profits and leisure time, if you follow our guidelines. But the one I just mentioned is the one that you need to key in on more than any other. Remember, you and I should have clearly defined goals and we need to make the best use of our time to reach our goals.

If you have ever fell short of a goal, my guess is you may not have been successful because you may not have made best use of your time, or not had a plan and a time frame for completion of the goal. I've made that mistake before, but now I have a set of goals and plans, and I want to work my plan to success, and I need to be automated and focused to reach my goals.

My long term plan is to be as efficient, profitable and helpful as possible, so I can do good things with my resources, for as many people as I possibly can. Specifically, my resources are my skills, money, and yes, my time. In fact, my time is my most valuable asset, and you should realize that it is your most valuable asset as well. It is worth not only money to you, but it is also has value to your family, friends and associates.

Once you realize this, you must always make the best use of your time, and part of the process is to decide what vehicles (businesses), tools (automation) and customers will take you where you want to go. To get people thinking about these issues, I like to ask people to decide what type of work they want to do in their lives and go from there. So I ask them point blank. "Do you wish to interact with people all day long, every day, or have everything automated through the Internet, with e-mail, voice mail, fax on demand, voice on demand, e-mail responders, e-commerce and your website? Or are you already successful and wish to spend your time teaching others to duplicate your success?

Basically I am asking you if you want to be out on the sales floor with customers, answering the phone to talk to customers and vendors, or do you want to be working from your home computer? Or better yet, do you want to spend your time training others to emulate you and your success? Or even somewhere in between these extremes? Maybe a bit of all three?

All three options are great, and you have to decide for yourself, but I have decided my goal is to leverage my skills, time and resources to teach others what I do and make money for years into the future from their efforts as well as mine. More about that later.

That's the best use of my time, and I focus on being with people who will help me accomplish my goals by following my lead. I also tend to find people who think like I do, who share my goals.

But even then it's hard to always make a plan and work the plan. I'm sure you're like me, and you still have people in your lives who are telling you what is the best use of your time and resources. But I maintain that it is you and you alone who must decide who is and is not going to have access to you and your time, and what you do with your time. It is up to you to analyze your business and each and every one of your contacts to decide which ones are potential time wasters and which ones are income generating people or worthy of your time for other reasons.

Automating your phone system...

For example, I have always had problems with answering the phone. Not that they did not work, but more in the realm of how do you answer 2 phone calls at the same time, or how to you know who is calling when you're trying to finish an important project, so you can decide if you want to answer it?

Have you ever been in a situation like this? You're making a quote for a customer, and the phone rings. You have to have the quote done in 15 minutes or you lose the sale, but your wife is pregnant, and you're waiting for a call from her to head to the hospital. You're also waiting or a price from the a vendor to complete the quote. But you've been getting prank calls and calls from long distance carriers trying to get your switch long distance carriers. How do you tell if it is best to let the answering machine get the call or to pick it up?

One great solution is Callwave. With Callwave, you can hear who is calling while you are online! It's
basically a free Internet based answering machine with a ton of great options. The system acts as your personal secretary. It will ask the person to speak their name, then you hear their voice over the computer speakers, asking if you can talk. Now you have the chance to make an informed decision, now that you know who it is on the line. You can either take the call or send them to voice mail and get back to them later. You could even direct them to your web site for the information the need in your recorded greeting. This is a "Must have" for the busy person!

With Callwave you can also:

-Retrieve your messages from any phone.
-Retrieve your messages from any Internet ready computer.
-Send and receive fax message from your computer.
-Save your messages for review at a later date.
-Forward your messages to other parties.

Even with this technology, it will not always be easy to make these decisions or to follow through with what seem like difficult decisions, but you will be much less stressed and more successful if you can set out a guideline to manage your time and automate your life, and stick to it. You will still get the calls from your brother in law or the phone companies, but now you can analyze your priorities. Again, you have to decide how you want people to contact you and who you will let share or manipulate your time.

As I've mentioned, I operate a retail computer store for 20+ years, with numerous employees and huge responsibilities and risks. Then I made a decision for a change in my life to allow me to spend more time with my family and friends, period. It's been a great move for me, and you might want to consider it. Now I enjoy working on my computer at my kitchen table, with the hours that best fits my lifestyle. I still love talking to people and helping them, but I like to do it by writing books or training people via the Internet. That way I can help many people at one time, and I can sell them products via the Internet so I can have a very flexible schedule for my family.

Of course you don't have to be self-employed or work from home to implement and benefit from all the concepts and technology listed here. Most of these tools work for anyone, in any business or home computing environment. So, try the ideas presented here. You can always go back to your old ways if you don't like the new way. Even if you don't value your time and money as much as I do, read the rest of this chapter anyway. Try automating and simplifying your life as a backup measure or just for fun. If you follow my guidelines here and you do make too much money or have too much free time, you can always give it away, right? Or you can give it to me. I'll put it all to good use for you, honest!

So if you know what your goals are now, it's time to get serious about this business of maximizing your time, computer skills and use of the Internet. That is what we are about to show you how to do in this chapter. How to have a plan, to have a daily schedule and to automate everything you do so you can complete projects and make sales in a planned, stress free, productive way.

Is this possible? Many business owners will say this goal is not always possible. This is partly true. There are always exceptions. As the owner of a business, of course there are times when people absolutely do need to reach you without an appointment, and you will need to be available when this happens. This is because that there are many different types of business models, numbers of employees, levels of automation and so forth. So each business is different, but most of the problems are the same. But for most problems associate with running a retail business, you name it, I've dealt with it.

But not anymore! I made a plan and I'm sticking to it. You can too. My plan is to automate, train and delegate so that I'll be able to joke about my schedule but mean it when I say "No Bill, I can't go play golf right now. I told you I'm working today! I'll have to wait till 10:00 a.m. and meet you there, ok?".

Now, I'm not saying you or I can do this every day, but you should be able to do it more often if you start to follow these guides. And even if you don't get out to play golf more often right away, you'll still feel better and be more productive. At the end of the day, you'll at least feel like you have taken 3 steps forward, instead of 10 steps backwards.

So, let's talk about how to automate your business and your life, starting with an automated, mobile office. Then we'll move on to building a web site so that you can sell your wares 24/7 (24 hours per day, 7 day per week) and offer excellent customer support 24x7, in just a matter of days. That's why you are reading this book right? So let's do it.

Using traditional software programs... in new ways - like via the Internet!

Of course you need to automate yourself and your office with the latest, greatest software applications (tools). That's just how you keep ahead of the game and the competition. But you also need to use the traditional or "basic" computer tools too.

The traditional applications have always been software packages for word processing (writing letters), accounting (making quotes and invoices, paying people and taxes), databases (tracking customers, and marketing to them), spreadsheets (for adding up numbers, amortization tables, etc.) and your fax machine to communicate with people.

These basic programs are covered in our "Introduction to computers," book, so be sure to read that book for a complete understanding of the tools available to you.

For now, what we will be covering in this book includes many of these traditional applications, but with a unique and exciting twist. You will use these tools over the Internet, so you now have a mobile office, available anywhere you have access to a computer.

This is cutting edge technology by any measure, and this is what you need to be competitive today. But we also want to have fun while we simplify your life, so here's just one example of how you can have more fun and save time with the new technology.

For example, I use standard technology like a word processor to write letters. However, I adapt the newest technology to make it more useful. Here is how you can too.

Using your letterhead in your computer...

Now you can send your letter on your letterhead as a fax, or even attach it to an e-mail message. You can also print it out on your printer, choosing fun paper colors and crazy backgrounds for the fun people you work with and serious backgrounds and colors for those who are a bit more conservative. You can even open a new division of your business with new employees in a matter of minutes, now that you can create your own letterhead (and business cards, etc.) on your computer.

You can click here to download this template for an example of what your letterhead could look like in your word processor on your computer. Then you can start printing your letterhead and your letters at the same time!

You actually edit the template in your word processor - to add your own address and images and more! This will download the template to your computer (Microsoft Word only) so you use it today, right now. You should download this document now if you want to:

-Save money on your letterhead.
-Fax your letters directly from your pc.
-Print only as many copies as you need today.
-Quickly and easily create forms on your letterhead.
-Print your letterhead on different color and quality of paper.
-Quickly and easily create new letterhead for new employees or divisions.

But how do you get your letterhead into the computer?

You can do this one of two ways. You can either scan in your logo yourself or have a professional computer person use the scanner to copy your logo for you. Or, with all the clipart and programs available on the Internet, you can create your own new logo!

Talking about new logos and addresses, if you're tired of spending so much money on your letterhead, business cards, brochures and fliers every time you move, hire a new employee, or open a new division of your company, you need a better solution than an expensive printing company, But if you're following me, that's a mute point now, right? Create it yourself and save time and money!

Here is another fun office tip for you.

Direct Faxing From Your New Computer!

Now that you have your letterhead in your word processor, you can fax your letter directly from your computer. Just tell the software to print to the fax machine inside your pc, enter the recipient's phone number, create a cover letter, and it's gone! Of course you can send the document through the Internet very inexpensively or wait until after 5:00 to save on long distance call, but the point is you save the cost of printing the fax to paper! And you have a record of the fax too boot. And you can bring it up a day or a week or a year later, edit it, and send it again, to the same person or a new person! Wow.

Most computer programs make it easy for you, even asking you to choose a fax cover you would like to use. The software has preprogrammed quotes and clipart (pictures) for you to use. Some of these are truly humorous and make the business transaction a bit easier.

Just choose the cover you wish to use, enter the subject for the fax, and away you (the fax) go! Now that you know how to fax directly from your computer, how many other things would you like to be able to print or fax from your computer? Check out these great ideas!

-Quotes to prospects.
-Invoices for existing customers.
-Purchases orders for your vendors.
-Statements to your customers to pay their bills.
-Homework assignments for your teacher at school.

Basically, anything you can create on your computer, you can fax from your computer. I'm even talking about spreadsheets, databases, and more.

Of course you there are so many more things to do, such as creating business cards, love letters, birthday cards, anniversary cards, and more.

Can you already see how fun this will be? Can you see how much time this will save you? How much more efficient you will be?

Creating your own business cards on your computer.

Now you can also create and print your own business cards on your computer. You simply purchase a software program that has built in card templates and follow the prompt, such as what is your name, your address, phone number, web site, e-mail address, and what image do you wish to use to represent your business?

Then you simply purchase the perforated business cards from the vendor, place them in your printer, tell the program how many copies to make, and sit back while the printer prints your business cards. Then you simply fold along the perforated lines and you have your new business cards.

The great part of this is you can have as many different business cards for different sales people or businesses as you like without having to spend large amounts of money on new business cards all the time! Again, as with letterhead, this allows you to use the same business card design for multiple businesses, persons, office departments or physical locations within a business! Wow.

You may decide however that you need more professional cards, and decide to take one of these options:

1. Create your business card (or whatever marketing materials you have) on your computer and then send it via e-mail to the local printing company where they can print it on their high quality printers.

2. Visit this site to get your
free business cards! The company will send you 250 free, quality business cards. I currently use these cards, and they are the best cards I have ever had. Give it a try!

Where can you find more programs like these?

The programs we just talked about are just a few of the programs you will find listed in the "
Checklist for Business Success," report.

But for now, we want to cover just a few more of the more advanced and exciting concepts in computer technology and Internet marketing! For complete details on many of the subjects mentioned in this book, you will need to read the book on computer software basics or Internet marketing, etc., but let's keep looking at some of the latest technology for now.

Creating a personal web site for your new office...

Let's take a look below at the office of the future, here today! You will see what tools you will have at your fingertips through the Internet, no matter where you are or what time of day or night it is!


Take a quick glance at the web site snapshot (image) above. You can see how very useful this new personal (office) web site will be to you when you start your day.

You can see that you have access to your:

-Address book.
-To do list for the day.
-Your personalized calendar.
-A filing cabinet to store your important documents.

And of course much more. You can even send faxes from this site. Or check the weather, your -stocks or the news. All of the important stuff.

Of course you can add links to other web sites or applications such as your word process or with your letterhead on the screen as we discussed, or any other program you may want to use.

ntranets - sharing information with your team!

Best of all, you can give out special passwords to other members of your team to access the information they need, such as shared documents, a shared calendar and much more. This is called an Intranet, and it will change the way you work in the future.

We'd like to tell you more about this Intranet now, but unfortunately, we cannot place the entire presentation for building your personal web site (office) in this document, as it would be too large to view. Our goal at this point is to simply give you an overview of the series of books we offer, so you can pick and choose the books you wish to read.

If you'd like to read our book specifically on how to set up your new Internet office using Siteblast, you have three options.

Create a free web site now.
Download the information as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Join one of our online seminars about how to use the Internet to automate your life.

Learning to share ideas with others via the Internet... for training and seminars!

We'd like to show you how to do all of this on-line, and software on the horizon will allow us to do this. How can we offer an on-line seminar to teach you how to make a web site? Well, we can do it with a new software program... with this specialized software, we can demonstrate web sites and computer software anytime anywhere, all trhough the Internet.

We could even control your computer from our office if you gave us permission. So we could show you how to run software on your computer. It's all just an exciting part of how the Internet and Web sites are changing the way we work.

But back to building your web site and your Internet office. The important idea here is that it's the idea of an office is changing.. your office can be anywhere, but you need to use your web site, your e-mail, and your office as a system that is fully integrated.

To make this clear, we need to take a minute to explain the different types of web site you may need. Until now, most people have thought of business websites as a place to simply promote products or make a sale. But now you can see that you will use a web site for much, much more than that.

What we feel is so powerful, futuristic and exciting about this service is that it will change the way you work and where you will work.

In fact, we are seeing that many Internet users are mobile and now own three websites or more because the uses of web site are expanding. You will have one web site to sell products, one to share with your friends and family, and another personal or private website for completing the daily tasks in your life, complete with your address book, to do lists, e-mail, contact management, word processing and more!

Working from home, the future of computing...

That explains how you will work. Now here is where you will work. The true utility of having our applications on the Internet is that you are no longer tied to an office. For example, all of the work you currently do in your office, you can now do during a business trip - at a remote office, motel or beach house! All you need is access to the Internet. And with wireless modems, that can be just about anywhere, inside or outside!

In fact,
some estimates show that there will be some 60 million web sites built in the next 2 years and we more of them will be these "personal web sites" as more and more "traditional desktop" applications are migrated to the Internet. Just think about this for a minute and how fast things are changing, for the better. We've always accessed our e-mail via the Internet, but now we've adding our scheduler, address book, word processor and more to our array of tools we can use 24 hours per day, from anywhere in the world! That s quite amazing and quite useful.

Working and training others via the Internet.

Here's one of my favorite quotes. "I simply don't want to quit working just because I am not at my office's physical location, or because I did not bring along my computer. Wherever I have access to the Internet, I have access to my office!"

John Davin 2000

Of course this concept is not new. I was able to connect to other computers way back in 1981 with 300 baud modems. In fact, we have always been able to control computers remotely via phone lines and modem. However, the systems were usually slow and tied up 2 expensive phone lines, one on each of the computers. So it was not a viable solution and certainly not used by the average computer user.

With the advent of the Internet however, that has changed. We will certainly see all applications Internet enabled in the near future and we will have more freedom to use our computers wherever we want. This will mean more options for us for where we want to work and when we want to work.
Many of us will work from home and have a more flexible lifestyle. Many of us may never even meet our bosses or go to an office. Many more of us will even be self-employed, selling our wares directly on the Internet.

In fact, I believe that some day, the computer will replace the phone, even for sales calls and other uses such as training. We will make our sales pitches from our computers, like we do from the phone today. We will demonstrate products and services live through a website on the Internet, complete with sound and pictures. We will even be able to operate the customer's computer from our computer, so we can take the customer to our web site and show them what we want them to see, learn or order, or do.

Did you already know that software is already available today? Well it is and we'll tell you all about it and how to use it. We'll also use this software and the Internet to allow others to access our computers to install new software, make repairs to our computer and more. One of the best uses will be showing us how to operate our computers, but that's for a later book. For now, let's look at one example of this type of software.
Click here to learn more aboutTalking Communities.

As you can see, you can talk to other users (real voice via a microphone and speakers), chat with them via the keyboard or take them to your web site or another web site for demonstrations. And we're talking about more than one person at a time too!

The Talking Communities program is an unlimited computer-to-computer application designed to run on the Microsoft Windows platform that allows people to talk to each other, send text-messages, and see the same website or other presentation on their screens from anywhere in the world. It can be used for private communication or with large groups of participants.


It allows anyone with a microphone and speakers to join you in your Communicator Conference Room. Headsets are very inexpensive (less than $10) and most modern computers are equipped for them. But even if someone does not have sound capability, they can still text chat with you and you can place documents and web pages on their screen.

If you were in our seminar using this software now, we'd simply show you how the following software works. For now, let's cover a few of the programs that are available to the traveler today. Just remember, the goal is to:

Automate everything you do with your Internet office...

The first place you should start is by setting up your contact list on the computer. Here is what you will see on the screen when you start up your computer and look to find a name, phone number, e-mail address or web site!

You can set these tools up from different vendors, but here are the ones we like.

This is just one of the tools we want show you that are include in a tremendous program called Siteblast. We'd like to show you how it works, but because images like the one above are so large, we have created a separate document for you to read and (or print and read) that talks about this service. The links is below.

If you would to build a web site with this tool now, you can build a free web site like this one for evaluation purposes at It truly is an example of future of website technology available today. Then come back when you're ready to start marketing and selling your products and services on the Internet and want to learn how to get these tools for free!

You can click here to pint and read about
setting up our Internet based office with Siteblast. It is also available in PDF File format as well, so you can print the document correctly.

The basic tools discussed in this document are as follows:

-Setting up your "to do list" on the Internet.
-Setting up a shared calendar on the Internet.
-Setting up a shared "to do list" on the Internet.
-Setting up your new address book on the Internet.
-Setting up shared chat lines for team/sales support
-Setting up shared discussion boards team/sales support
-Setting up your voice mail on the Internet (answering machine).
-Setting up an e-commerce based web site, to sell products on-line.
-Setting up shared letterhead, fliers and business card templates.
-Setting up a shared directory of all other important documents.

Of course you will want to create shortcuts to these programs on your desktop to save time and effort. Send me e-mail and I'll send you the instructions on how to do this.

But now on to setting up your computer to accept orders via the Internet!

Setting up your web site to accept orders!

Now that you have automated all of your personal tasks, let's talk about putting your marketing plan on auto pilot to save time and create an explosive growth in sales. Actually, we'd better make sure you're ready for the business once it comes through the Internet, so let's talk about accepting payments automatically via the Internet first.

Let's start out by talking about accepting credit cards. You need to know foremost that it is so very, very important to the success of your business to be able to accept credit cards and bank drafts on your web site. Statistics show you will sell 65% more product from your web site if you do accept credit cards. We cover this topic extensively in another chapter in the book, and in the interest of saving space and paper we will not insert the entire chapter here. However, we do want to make a few very important notes on the following options all the same.

- Accepting credit cards.
- Accepting electronic checks.
- Accepting additional forms of payment.

Accepting payments over the Internet...

If you want more sales with less hassles, it is very important for you to automate this process. There are many ways to accept payments over the Internet, some more expensive than others and some more complicated than others. You will want to review the chapter on building your own web site for more detailed information, but here is a summary of the process and your goals for setting up an e-commerce based web site.

First, the process is as follows. The customer visits your website and reviews what you have for sale. The customer then chooses items he/she wishes to purchase, and places them in an electronic shopping cart. The customer can then add or remove more items from the shopping cart until they are ready to check out and pay for the items. This is called the check out procedure, just like what you do when you go shopping at the supermarket.

Now the customer provides information to the website such as

·Customer name / Phone #.
·Billing Address of customer.
·Shipping address of customer.
·Shipping method - overnight, 2nd day, ground, etc.
·Payment method - credit card, electronic bank draft, etc.

At this point, all taxes and shipping expenses are calculated. Next, an electronic invoice is generated, sent to both the vendor (website owner - you) and customer via e-mail. Payment is collected via credit card or electronic draft check. Once the payment has been deposited in your account and verified (to protect you), the product is then shipped to the customer. In the case of electronic draft checks, the product may not be shipped to the customer until the check has cleared the customer's bank and been verified as being officially deposited in your bank account.

All in all, the system offers a great amount of flexibility to both buyer and seller and makes buying and selling products and services an effortless task.

Of course there are additional benefits to operating your store on the Internet and being an IBB (Internet based business), but one of my favorite concepts I often point out to people who tell me they want to open a second, third or fourth store location is this: "Why open another brick and mortar store when I've shown you the costs and benefits of opening a new location on the Internet?" This statement alone sells more web sites than any other, and it even convinces some people NOT to open a retail store!

(Please review the book on e-commerce for a full review of the benefits.)

The basic benefits of e-commerce are:

·Customers can shop 24 hours per day.
·Customers can perform complete research on products.
·Customers can print out specifications and compare with other manufacturers.
·Customers can save money by not paying sales tax (depending on state laws).
Customers can shop from the warmth and comfort of their home or office.
·Vendors can offer convenience, product information, and great prices.
·Vendors can offer a wider variety of product for sale.
·Vendors can drop ship products.

Again, because the Internet is a relatively new concept to most people, for these benefits to be realized, you need to be able to make it very convenient for them, particularly when talking about how you accept payments for your products.

Accepting credit cards from your web site. 

There are many ways to accept payments via credit cards from your web site, besides setting up your own merchant account, and they are listed below. If you would like to know specifically how to set up a merchant account, send me e-mail request now, and I'll send you the information via e-mail. It is a complicated process, and the details can change quickly, so we would prefer to send the latest, greatest information via e-mail when you request it. Just send e-mail to: and enter "merchant account" in the subject line.

Accepting checks over the phone:

If you don't understand accepting bank drafts, keep reading. If you'd like to be able to accept bank drafts, just visit

Just know that it's easy to accept checks without actually seeing your customer. Anyone with a copy of CheckMAN!", a computer and a printer can legally accept a check via Phone, Fax, Email or the WWW! It's now Faster and Less Expensive than you would ever think! We have been successfully accepting this form of payment with tremendous success! Say Good-bye to the high credit card merchant account fees! With CheckMAN!", you will have absolutely no recurring fees, or monthly charges! Your only other expense EVER will be to purchase blank checks! (About 5¢ each!) With this State-Of-The-Art program you can even print checks drawn on your own account ready to be signed made payable to who ever you would like.

The Internet is not the only way you can accept payments of course. The software also allows you to take a check via phone or fax. All you have to do is ask the customer for the information from one of their checks, including:

-The customer's name:
-The bank's name:
-The routing information:
-The checking account number:
-The check number from the account:

Of course, do not forget the amount of the sale, including shipping charges and any taxes that may apply.

Here is an example of how it works: You simply print the check from your computer onto a laser printer, and deposit the check into your checking account! It s that simple! The customer can even fax a voided check to you if that is easier for them. Here are a few words of caution however: You may want to wait for the check to clear their account to protect yourself.

Still, there are some major benefits to accepting checks this way. For one, it allows you to make sales that you might not otherwise make, specifically to people who do not have credit cards. In addition, the checks you print are also less expensive than accepting credit cards. I ve used programs that cost as little as 3 cents per check! All in all, this is a good start for anyone accepting payments for a product, via the Internet, fax or phone.

The only limitation of accepting checks is that you do have to wait for the check to clear at the bank, which is particularly bad for anyone who wants to sell information or e-books via the Internet, because anyone who wants to buy your e-book usually wants to read it right now, and won't buy if they cannot have it in a matter of minutes or hours at most. For selling e-books and such, you need a better solution, and it's called Clickbank.

Accept payments via Clickbank 

Clickbank is probably the fastest and easiest way I have found to quickly and easily sell your products on the Internet, especially if you are:

1. Not wanting to set up your own merchant account
2. Wanting to sell information based products (e-books/e-zines).
3. Wanting to set up an affiliate based program to allow others to sell your products.

ClickBank is the online billing and marketing solution used by thousands of web businesses that deliver unique products and services over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email). Their payment technology lets any web business (a seller) automatically pay sales commissions to any other web business (an affiliate) that links a paying customer to the seller.

Clickbank bills the customer, pays the seller, and pays the affiliate. All in all, Clickbank is an easy to use, easy to promote service. What that all means is that if you want to pay someone to sell your products for you and you want to let someone else collect the money for the sales, track the commissions and send out the checks to both you and your sales people, Clickbank is your vehicle.

In my humble opinion, it is the easiest way to sell items via the Internet, if you don't mind paying a slightly higher fee per transaction. But the simplicity of the program and the opportunity to have others sell your products for you make it an easy selection for many Internet marketers.

Of course there are additional programs out there that offer this service. If you're interested in more information about allowing others to sell your products, send me e-mail and I'll send you an update! Just send e-mail to: and enter "reseller info" in the subject line.

Accepting payments via Paypal

Paypal allows Internet users with an e-mail address to send and receive money electronically through the Internet. The program is free for non-business entities (at the time of this writing) and charges a small fee for business users. This program is truly useful for anyone who wants to pay a bill, send money to a friend to pay for a movie, accept money for a sale or any other need for transferring money.

If you sell subscriptions, you will find this program especially useful. The program even allows you to collect money for subscriptions, and generates names and passwords for your subscribers! With a little work on your end you can set it up so it's all automated and a hands off, no labor operation.

Not only is the program a great concept, but I also believe the company is an example of an aggressive and progressive marketing concept. The company is experiencing tremendous growth, with this main concept: Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, they pay for referrals, plain and simple. They start out by paying the person who referred the customer $5.00 and they pay new customers $5.00 to sign up, so everyone wins.

These costs are well below the standard costs of customer acquisition today and they are signing up people like crazy. When I talked to customer support at Paypal today, they mentioned that they had 4,000,000 users after being in business for just a few short years. I said FOUR MILLION USERS! That means the program will become a standard in the industry. In fact, they are even one of the few Internet companies that plan to actually have an IPO this year, this week as a matter of fact.

You can sign up for a
Paypal account here.

Those are just a few options for completing the sales transaction via the Internet, but here are a few more ways to complete the sales transaction on the Internet.

More options for selling your products:

Here are a few more options to simplify the ordering process.

1. Hire someone to do it for you. However, you'll have employees and the responsibilities that come with employees. I've been an employee and employer (20 years), so I see both sides, and this is not my best option.

2. Contract with a company for the entire fulfillment process, from answering the phone to taking the orders, to packing and shipping the product (or drop shipping the product) and more. There are plenty of companies that will do this, from start to finish.

3. Opt for the affiliate based marketing plan, which we will explain in detail. Affiliate based programs are the most exciting, cost effective, easiest way to sell products on the Internet today.

Let's review these three options. Of course the very best option is to take orders from your customer via an e-commerce solution on the Internet, and let the computer do all the work. The customer simply pays via credit card and you keep all the profits.

However, the world is not always perfect, and the customer may not always be willing or able to pay via credit card or at least not on the Internet. Or you may have a more complicated product to sell that requires contact with a person. Thus, you may want to offer the customer a solution that allows them to talk to a live person to close the sale and take their payment. You ll still get the sale, you ll just have to either be flexible with your schedule and be available to talk to the customer whenever they want to talk to you and give you money. Or you can earn a little less money in the process and hire a professional service to take the orders for you.

Personally, I prefer the latter. I am the kind of person who loves to talk, which would keep me from writing books and making more money, which is bad. So, if you love people, are a great salesperson and don t have other projects going, by all means offer a phone number where they can reach you and personally take the order! You ll have fun, close the sale and perhaps make a new customer or friend for life!

But if you're like me, and you want to spend your time developing a product and let someone else do the work of selling, collecting the money, shipping products, taking care of warranties and paying commissions, here are the options.

re an employee to take your orders...

This is the most complicated option, and you should contact someone at or to explain the benefits and responsibilities to you of hiring employees. It's a major job to have employees with the responsibilities of taxes, scheduling, training and more, but it is the only option for some of you.

If you go this route, you ll want to set up a script for the person answering the phone for sales and show them the ropes for the tasks you expect them to perform, such as answering the phone, taking orders, accepting credit cards, making deposits, shipping products, etc.

We would then also have to open a lot of discussions of taxes, outside VS inside salespeople and more, but that's all we'll say about employees for now, because this book is oriented toward using technology for small businesses rather than about running a business, and we'll focus on other options.

inding a company to take your orders...

Your first other option is to find a company who will take care of all the fulfillment tasks for you, such as answering the phone, taking orders, accepting credit cards, making deposits, shipping products, etc.

You may make less per sale, but if you're good at marketing or coming up with new products and services, this may be a good option for you.

First off, you ll need to interview different companies to see which one can offer you the best services at the best prices. Here are a few things for you to consider.

Make sure the company offers an incoming 800 number, which the company will probably already have. They'll simply set you up with an extension off their 800 number, that will look like a private line to the customer.

Next, you'll have to set up a sales pitch script for the person answering the phone for sales. Make sure you role play as the customer as a test, to make sure the salespeople are knowledgeable about your product, and competent to represent you. You may even want to call in and make an order without the them knowing it is you, to see if they're doing a good job of representing you and your products.

You'll need to offer adequate training so that they know enough to talk intelligently about the product and to take the order, but not enough to say the wrong thing to lose the sale or send you to litigation for misrepresenting your product or service. Instruct them to tell the customer they are only here to take the order, and if the customer has questions before they order, they need to view your website for the information they need, or they can contact you via e-mail or your phone (if you wish to offer that option).

Next, you'll have to go over pricing, ordering and payment information. You should be able to accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and bank drafts, as we've already discussed.

Working with an affiliate based marketing plan. 

This is the hottest marketing program ever, but before we cover the affiliate based marketing plan, let's talk about how to put your marketing campaign on auto pilot for increased sales and profits. But first I will tease you again with this statement, which I believe are directly related to affiliate based marketing plans.

Click here to read more about affiliate based marketing.

Putting your marketing campaign on auto pilot.... 

Now that you know how to accept payments via the Internet, your goal should be to have your marketing campaign on autopilot, and have it so automated that you regularly receive e-mail messages in your mail box with an invoice, and a payment from your customers, without you even knowing the customer was shopping at your web site!

This happened to me just today as I was rewriting this chapter! I received an e-mail message from Paypal stating that a person had just sent me $29.95 for my book. Now, I did not recognize this person's name, but there is his money, sitting in my checking account. I did not even advertise the book yet, and had not even talked to him about it. Only when I sent him e-mail with the book did I find out how he found out about the book. He replied that he had met me at a seminar in Texas where I had been lucky enough to speak, and he remembered me and wanted to see what I was doing now. He looked up my name on the search engines, found my website and ordered the book, plain and simple, without any assistance from me.

You can have this happen for you too, but it does not happen by luck or by sitting back on your laurels. I sold the book and earned almost 100% profit on the sale because I worked hard to get to that seminar (they actually flew me there) and I made a contact (that I did not expect to see again). However, because I did my work in automating my sales process, he was able to find me and my web site some 2-3 years later, and automatically purchase my book without me even knowing about it. Again, this is the kind of sale you need, and it can happen to you too!

And when I say I made nearly $29.95, I mean I actually made $29.95 minus 2-3% or so of the sale price for using Paypal, which was the only expense incurred for the sale and delivery of my book! I need to repeat that. I had no marketing cost or distribution costs, as I sent him the book via e-mail. What other product could you ever find that is 100% profit, and you simply pay 2% for accepting a credit card? Show it to me and I'll sell it for you.

But what is even more important to realize, is that I now have his name and e-mail address for future marketing campaigns. Now I can send him updates of my e-book on a regular basis, which will of course include information about my new products and services that I sell.

Take a moment to really think about what I said in that last sentence. I'll change it just a bit in case you did not catch the beauty of the concept. Whenever I send updates of my e-book (for which they paid me) to my customers via e-mail, not only am I making the customer happy with the updates, but I am also introducing them to new programs that pay me for making referrals, such as Paypal! The beauty of this is the customer is glad to have the update because it provides news about what interests him and I possibly make another sale or get paid for making a new referral for a new program. A win-win situation if ever there were one.

In fact, if you take a look through this book, 75% of the programs I talk about are programs and services that pay a referral fee. So, in effect, the customer is paying me to educate him and to read my business pitch. Best of all, he happy is to read them as long as I share my ideas and help him automate his life and help him make money. But I better not push that marketing idea too far, because you now know one of my goals for writing my books. My main goal is to help and educate people but I am also motivated by sales to write additional e-books and to send out updates to my e-book.

But that's why e-books are one of the highest profit items and of of the hottest items on the Internet. Even if you don't sell an e-book, you should consider writing one for many reasons. Just the fact that it builds your credibility and keeps you in front of your customers at all times is enough reason to write one. No where else will you find a less expensive, more effective way of keeping in touch with your customers, building their confidence in you and selling them whatever it is you have to sell them, over and over and over.

That is why we cover these concepts in the very first chapter of the book. They are the time saving and profit generating ideas that you need to consider now, before you complete or set your business plan in stone. Of course you will still read about the basics of computers, software and more as well as additional basic marketing tools such as press releases, search engine submittals, newsgroups and web rings and more, but you need to get the big picture first. Do you agree?

Great. Let us also agree that this section of the book is not written for corporations with millions of dollars earmarked for their marketing campaign. This book is for startup, small or mid-sized businesses. As such, one of your main goals for marketing is to get maximum exposure for minimum cost. Our next step is to automate your marketing campaign with these Internet based tools and rules.

Here is the general outline for automating your marketing campaign:

1. Start by building your web site.
2. Set up an automated e-mail responder.
3. Turn your e-mail responder into a full-blown e-zine.
4. Write your own e-zine or submit articles you have written to other e-zines.
5. Utilize Orbittalk to make on-line presentations, both live and prerecorded.

6. Automate and duplicate your system to increase profits tremendously and to ultimately free up your time.

Now that we've explained what we want to do, let's go and start at the top!

Creating your business web site... 

Now, on to actually building your own business web site. This step can be confusing only because there are so many ways to build your web site today. So many in fact that I wrote an entire book about the topic. And after working with hundreds of clients at different skill levels, all I can say is you need to take one of two paths. Either have someone else do it all for you from the start, or go ahead and build a test site with a free web site package to see just how easy it can be done, with the right package.

This way, you can do it all yourself first, get your feet wet and understand what is involved. That way you'll know what is involved for your web site designer, and be able to know what to expect, time wise and also cost wise. Seriously. Even if you plan to hire someone to build, edit and maintain your site, I advise you and anyone else to start out with the easiest free web site builder you can find and do it yourself first, then turn it over to them professionals if necessary.

Either way, you need a game plan and an outline for the web site to save time, and make the best web site possible. Here is a highly effective game plan. Take 10 legal size pieces of paper, label each page as page 1-15, then go back and label each page, as Home, About us, Our products, Ordering Information, and more, until you have all the pages named and laid out the way you want them. Of course you can use more than 10 pages if necessary, but keep it simple. Talking simple, you can even cut pictures out of your existing brochures or newspapers or magazines and paste them on each respective page to get an idea of how the site will look. More importantly, you will know how it will work for you and the customer. To get additional ideas for your web site, you should certainly go out on the Internet and look at web sites that are similar to yours before you start to see what they have done, learn from them and improve on their ideas. Take the best ideas and leave the rest.

Here is a
checklist for what belongs on your web site to make sure you don't forget anything.

don't forget to read the entire book on creating you own web site.

You must fill out the checklist, even if you do have someone else make your web site. It will save you time, headaches and money, guaranteed. Once this is done, you can still contact a professional Web site designer if you still feel you need help. However, you might just find out that your skills are better than you thought, and you have saved a lot of money. You may find that you can do parts of your Web site and you let someone else do the things you cannot do. My feeling about this all this: Unless you have more time than money, I would not take the time to learn HTML, Java and the like. Use a free website creator or utilize the many free scripts (forms for example) we show you in the book on creating your own web site and go from there.

Now, if you don't feel comfortable doing any of this, just print the checklist and do the best you can filling it out and hire someone to make your web site right off the bat. Then you can get on to marketing and producing your product and making money! That's my 2 cents worth. To learn more about this decision, be sure to read the book on creating your own web site and promoting it.

Creating your automated e-mail system... 

Now that your web site is ready, your next step is to set up an e-mail responder for your marketing campaign. We will explain why in a moment, but you may figure it out as we explain what an e-mail responder does. E-mail responders are similar to fax on demand. The concept is that when a customer requests specific information from you, and you use an automated, 24 hour per day service to instantly send them the information, usually within just a few minutes. In a fax back system, of course your system sends them a document via their fax machine with the details of your offer. If the request is sent to an e-mail based responder, then your system sends them the document via e-mail, again within just a few minutes.

Believe it or not, a good e-mail responder is better in some ways than a web site. Here are a few reasons why: Let's say you run an ad in the newspaper or advertise on the Internet. If you advertise your web site address, the customer may come to your site, get distracted by a phone call or whatever, and leave your site without fully exploring it or buying anything. However, if you advertise your e-mail responder, there are many more ways and reasons for you to keep contacting the prospect and a higher chance of making a sale.

Remember, it takes an average of seven contacts with a customer before they purchase from you. You have a much higher chance of making money with the e-mail responder. First of all, you can track your advertising dollars as you can advertise different e-mail responders in different media and publications, such as web sites, e-zines, magazines and more. Second, you can also let the prospect pre qualify himself with an e-mail responder, asking them to visit different sites for different sets of information on your offers, depending on his/her interest. Finally, and most importantly, now you have the customer's e-mail address for additional marketing campaigns, which is what you really wanted in the first place!

The beauty is that the entire process is automated. You probably don t even know that the information has been sent to the prospect. But the customer gets the information instantly, and as in my case, he may even purchase your products or services from your e-commerce enabled site before you (the vendor) even know there is interest in your product or service.

I must repeat this statement again. Even though it is nice to make a sale, remember the two most important reasons to use an e-mail responder.

1. You now have the prospect's e-mail address for further marketing campaigns.
2. You can pre qualify the prospect for further sales, perhaps for years to come!

Here are a few additional reasons to use an e-mail responder:

* e-mail responders can potentially reach 210+ million people.
* e-mail responders increase sales by improving customer support.
* e-mail responders reduce marketing costs because you save on postage and printing.
* Your immediate response to inquiries means fewer sales lost to your competitors.
* You save time providing static info-store hours, fax numbers, and so much more.
* E-mail based marketing campaigns can send multiple messages to prospects.
* You can use them to them to quickly test a new product or service.
* You can eliminate the need for additional employees.

Talking about employees, think about this for a moment and let it sink in. Your e-mail responder is like your new employee, but it is simply a computer that waits 24 hours per day for incoming e-mail messages. When a message comes in, the system determines what person, business, or organization is being contacted and what information is being requested The responder then sends out the correct information to the requester's e-mail address - usually in two minutes or less.

The person requesting information encounters no busy phone lines, no waiting, no hassles at all, whatever the time of day or night. You pay no employment taxes or vacation pay, and an e-mails responder does not eat or sleep or ask for a raise. If you want to be competitive and increase sales and market share, you need to work harder than the competitor. You may have to work 24 hours per day, or have someone else doing it, even if that someone else is your computer. And you can pre qualify the prospect for additional services and products over and over for years! That s the concept we talked about before. You must pre qualify your leads, then follow up over and over again with the same product at a different angle, or even a different but related product over time.

If you re hoping to cut labor and expenses from your marketing campaign, you can implement an autoresponder today from many sources.
Aweber is a great example, but whichever service you choose, just get started immediately. Of course we can show you how to get yours for free at one of our seminars or in the affiliate information section. But if you just want to get started now, you can just pay for it and establish your presence on the Internet right now for less than $60 a year.

This is a perfect example of what we will be showing you down the line - how to get your technology services at zero cost. Basically, you can test a product, then if you like it, make referrals to your friends and associates. After you refer enough people you get it for free, or you can start making money from it as well!

But whether you purchase the e-mail responder outright or get it for free, an e-mail responder is just a part of your online marketing campaign. The next logical step is to create your own e-zine, and you can easily turn your e-mail responder into an e-zine, by simply changing the name of your letter and the content of your writing to your own (newsletter) e-zine. As you will see, e-zine (e-mail base newsletters) are the very best marketing tools available today, even better than your own web site or e-zine.

Creating your own e-zine... 

An e-zine newsletter is simply an e-mail based newsletter you send regularly via e-mail to educate your readers about a shared topic of interest. Many e-zines will also include a review of a service or product you wish to sell, and some will include a tag line at the bottom with an ad for a related product or service. The amount of advertising in an e-zine is dependent on the topic of the e-zine, the readers and the author.

The number of e-zines has grown tremendously over the past few years because they are one of the fastest and least expensive ways to become successful on the Internet. You can easily make large amounts of money sending your advertisement to a large list of names you have purchased for your e-zine, but you must be careful to avoid building a reputation as a spammer, someone who sends unwanted or unsolicited e-mail.

The true ultimate goal of an e-zine is to build a small but loyal audience! To create a reputation as being the expert of a specific field, building a tremendous amount of exposure and traffic for your web site by giving away free information, then making repeat sales of related products and services.

Of course you don't have to do this exclusively on the Internet. You can still do it the old fashioned way by offering to be a guest speaker on television, radio, and for local groups. You can also offer to provide free articles to magazines and newspapers as well, and these all work as well, but you can simply reach larger numbers of people, less expensively and faster with an e-zine.

Another concept that is working today is providing free articles to web sites as and e-zines to build credibility for your knowledge and to increase traffic and exposure to your Web site. Many of today's e-zines have thousands or even hundreds of thousands (some even have millions) of subscribers. I'm sure you realize that with these sheer numbers of readers, it is easy to make large amounts of money just by sending your ad to any of these e-zines, just because there are so many people reading your ideas or the ads. Just imagine the recognition and possible sales you would make from 10,000 or more people reading your e-zine, or about you in another e-zine!

But again, the most important thing is the loyalty you can build with an e-zine. If you own an e-zine and have done a good job of producing useful material in your newsletter, you should have a loyal following and a higher closure rate for your sales over other mediums of advertising.

Think about it. Wouldn't you like to send a regular newsletter to people who know you and trust you? Do you agree that they would buy from you over the competitor because they trust you? After all, you have shown them your level of commitment and expertise. That's what an e-zine does for you, if you are lucky enough to know how to write one, market it and send it out on a regular basis. Wow.

But what if you are not a writer, you ask. Well, even if you are not a writer, you can still do this! You can still have your own e-zine, you will just have to improvise. You can use articles in your e-zine which others have written, and give them credit for the articles. Of course it is best if you write a review of the articles and the concepts, to show that you know what you're talking about.

We still suggest that you find something you like to write about, and write the articles yourself, for more credibility, but you do what you can do. The reason you really want to write it yourself is that you can send it to other e-zines to be used as articles for their e-zines, building more credibility for you and your knowledge, and bringing more traffic to your site, resulting in more sales directly for you.

You will need a few basic tools you need to create your own e-zine:

-A word processor to write your e-zine.
-A contact manager to track your readers.
-A program to subscribe/unsubscribe your readers.
-A program to send your e-zine via e-mail to your readers.

You can probably start out using your current e-mail program to manage your mailing list. You'll want to start by creating a distribution list in Netscape or a new group, if you're using Microsoft Explorer as your mail program.

If you can spend a bit more money up front for marketing your new business venture and plan on sending out regular e-mails or a professional e-zine, you absolutely need to invest in a program called AWEBER, which will simplify many business tasks for you at one time.

Go ahead and download a free demo of AWEBER at the link above and test it.

If you need more information first, we do review this program in full in the book in Internet marketing. If you have not purchased that book, you can read about the programs on the links above. Just know that there are major differences between the two systems, If you would like the latest tips on the programs, simply send me an e-mail and I'll send you a quick update. Mailto: with the subject: postmaster

You may also want more information on writing an e-zine and trading advertisements with other e-zines, which leads us to the next topic. There are many excellent books on the subject and we plan to write a complete one in the future as well. For now, you may wish to review these resources we have compiled for you.

Simply send me e-mail and I'll send you a quick update. Mailto: with the subject: e-zines

Now, where do you find your leads for your e-zine?

In this case, everyone has the same battle to win in building a good mailing list, yet there are many different battle plans. You can opt for the standard, tried and true marketing tools such as the classified adds, press releases, taking names from your web site with a guest book, sending e-mail to newsgroups or bulk e-mailing to groups of people, but some of these take a long time to work and some may even get you in trouble, such as bulk e-mailing.

A better alternative to bulk e-mail is to find new leads on the Internet via opt-in lists and lead generating pre-qualifying systems.

Opt in lists: 

Opt in lists are lists e-mail addresses of people who have agree to join in the hope of receiving information on a topic of interest. Opt in lists are great marketing tools because you can send targeted e-mails to people who are interested in your area of expertise.

There are many sources of opt in lists, so me are free, some are very expensive.
The main goal is to find an opt in list that is very targeted, that is, related to one topic, specifically what you have to sell.

Here is a
link to sources for opt in lists and more information on how they work.

We do have a few caveats regarding opt in lists. Unfortunately, many people who join opt in lists do not realize that they are agreeing to receive e-mail from more than one company, or that their names may be sold to other companies. They may not appreciate your e-mail if it is not related to their interests, so be sure to know whom you are mailing to and that they share your interests.

In addition, I've heard that some vendors who sell opt in lists are selling e-mail addresses for persons that actually did opt in for any mailing list. Be sure to check referrals for anyone who is selling you these lists.

I've also heard of people who will sign up for your opt-in lists just to get YOUR name to send you e-mail about their offers! Many times they create false e-mail accounts and set up an e-mail responder to send you back information, or to add your name to their e-mail marketing campaign.

So, the bottom line is you must be very careful about using these lists, but if you do find a good list or can build your own opt in list, it can be a gold mine for your business.

Lead generating systems...

The pre-qualifying system is similar to the opt-in list concept, but in this scenario, another company does all the work of building your customer list for you. They start by finding leads for you, then send the prospects a series of e-mail messages to find out if the prospect is interested in your products or services. Once they determine that the customer does want your product or service, the system directs them to your web site where they can then purchase the product or service. This is a great option and you should consider it if you have the cash to get started with this service.

Another option is for the service to provide the leads, and you simply provide the ad copy, which are simply the questions or information that is sent that will help pre qualify the leads for you. All of the work is automated for you by the service. The system simply sends out a series of messages that you have entered into the system, which go out at predetermined times, usually a few days apart.

Prostep is and excellent program for getting new leads for your e-zine or business. You pay a set fee every month for a set number of leads for the system. You enter the ad copy and the system sends out the e-mails.

Simply send me an e-mail and I'll send you a quick update. Mailto: with the subject: prostep

If you have a advertising tight budget and want to find a way to get your leads for free, there is a solution here. You use the program, then make referrals for the program, get your leads for free, and spend your money on other marketing campaigns. But more about that in a minute.

Let's say you were going to use this system to get leads for your services or products. What are some of the questions that you might ask, or information you might want to provide? Well, you might ask them general questions such as

1. If they are interested in making extra income.
2. How much time the have to spend on a business.
3. How much money the have to spend on a business.
4. What skills and experiences they have that would help them.
5. Any other questions that are specific to your industry or product.

E.g. If you are selling computer training, you could ask what certifications the prospect has today, so you know where they're at in their skills set, so you know how to help them, and with what training programs.

A beginning Internet marketer will invariably try to sign the prospect up right away for whatever it is they are offering, but the main goal is to pre qualify the prospect, and find the program you have that best fit their needs, skills and resources. Another way to say this is to find people who really want what you have to offer. This way, they are successful, you are successful and everyone is happy about spending their time and resources on the best program for each individual.

Here is a review of our marketing campaign so far:

-Create your web site.
-Set up your e-mail responders.
-Market your e-mail responder and web site.
-Turn your e-mail responder into your new e-zine.
-Purchase names for your e-zine if you can't find the leads.
-Gain the trust and respect of your clients with your knowledge.
-Make the sale, fulfill the order and make the customer happy.
-You can even sell other products if you like and drop ship them.
-Follow up for additional sales of related items.

I hope you're as impressed as I am with how all of these ideas come together. Now let's add another element to your marketing plan, a great way to pay for all of these great services.

Work for referrals in your business... and give referrals...

There are two types of referrals that can be made, both of them are excellent business tools.

They are:

1. The referral you make or receive for a friend on a no-fee basis.
2. The paid referral, or affiliate based program that is becoming a major part of marketing on the Internet.

Remember, any referral is the best source of leads because:

1. The lead is pre-qualified by the person who makes the referral.
2. It cost you nothing to give or receive a referral unless you set it up differently.
3. The lead trusts you because the referral comes from a trusted friend or associate.
4. You are rewarded or can reward others for being a good businessperson.
5. You will receive more referrals as you build your reputation for delivering a good service and for providing leads to others in your group!

The referral you make or receive for a friend or business contact on a no-fee basis can be given in two ways. You can do a favor for a businessperson who does a great job of serving clients, or you can do the customer a favor by referring them to a great company!

The second way to give a referral where you do not get paid is in an organized club, called a networking club. Joining a network club is great because you now have a chance to get out for breakfast, (or lunch or dinner) and meet people who also want to make new business contacts and referrals. Then you simply make referrals to the people you feel confident in referring, and they do the same. Of course you have a chance to make a small 1-5 minute presentation on your business each week, and you'll be kind enough to listen to the other presentations so you will be able to make referrals confidently. If the group is doing well, you will have one professional from each industry, such as an accountant, a web site developer, housing inspector, etc. so it should be easy to make referrals each week.

Of course you can start your own networking club, but the concept works so well that there are many independent and national referral networks in existence today. We cover this concept in more detail in the chapter on Internet marketing and can even tell you how to start your own referral network, but if you would like to join an existing, national referral group now, check with your local chamber of commerce to see if they have a local group or visit for a local chapter of the Business Network International club which has chapters in most major cities. With BNI, it's like a having a referral network that somebody else created, waiting just for you!

The Affiliate or Referral Payment Plan 

If you thought that was a great way to build business, wait till you hear what we say about affiliate based programs. I simply want to ask you, are you ready to implement the most powerful marketing tool ever, to build your business and your income? If so, get ready to get on the Affiliate based marketing bandwagon. Affiliate based programs simply pay you a referral fee for selling their products, plain and simple. Or you can start your own affiliate based program to sell your products and services and expand your sales force and marketplace overnight.

An affiliate based program just simplifies the process and expands the marketplace for seller and reseller. For the most part, to become an affiliate, all you have to do is have a good working knowledge of the product or service, be confident that the services is a value to anyone you refer, sign up to be a reseller (affiliate) and make referrals to anyone you think may need the product or service.

The company is responsible to take care of all aspects of running the business, such as collecting the money, shipping the product, returns and warranty issues. Another benefit of the affiliate concept is that you are not an employee, and receive a 1099 from the company for your taxes at the end of the year.

Of course you may want to set up a program for others to sell your products as an affiliate vendor, and there are many reasons to do this as well. A major benefit to you if you resell products for other vendors is that you basically expand the breadth of products you can sell from your web overnight and can make more profits from more profit centers! Basically, you could have a new sales force almost over night, who can reach people that you would never ever reach for sales. Best of all, you don't pay employer taxes or even pay the independent agent (affiliate) until they actually sell one or more your products.

Unfortunately, a select few affiliate vendors take advantage of the affiliate program and keep your commissions and collect interest on your money until you reach a certain amount of commissions, such as $25.00 or $100.00, but in general, talk about an incentive for both the affiliate and the affiliate vendor to work together and to help each other!

Here is a basic outline of how someone would set up their own affiliate based marketing program.

-Find a personal passion.
-Find or create a related product to sell.
-Automate and streamline the sales process.
-Duplicate what you have done, over and over and over.
-Show others how to duplicate what you have done, over and over.

What a concept! You will see more and more companies using the affiliate based marketing program in the future. Vendors realize they could pay millions of dollars in advertising and training of employees for their product or service, or they can pay you and me to refer our friends and business contacts to them. They know that as long as we've tested their services and products and we are happy with them, we are then happy to give referrals to our friends and associates. Now we have a vested interest in helping others, and chances are, someone well know will need the solution they provide. The vendor only pays us when we produce so everyone wins. Especially when we get our marketing tools for free from making just a few referrals!

If you are interested, we can show you specifically how to set up your own affiliate based program in the chapter on affiliate based programs, and a few of the top affiliate based programs you might want to join. We've already shown you how
Clickbank works, and we'll also tell you about commission junction and a few other programs.

If you'd like updated information on setting up your own affiliate based program:
Simply send me an e-mail and I'll send you a quick update. Mailto: with the subject: affiliatesetup

Why does the referral program work? 

First, here are a few statistics showing you that it does work.

According to Jupiter Communications,

"By 2002, 25 percent of the expected $37.5 billion in Internet retail sales, not including autos, will have originated on affiliate sites."

      -- Nicole Vanderbilt, Jupiter Communications

It works because money talks! Basically, the Internet is making it very easy to make referrals and get paid for your knowledge. The computer makes it very easy to track commissions and to make self replicated pages for each product so that your affiliate page looks just like the corporate main page and you have instant credibility.

What if you just want to get the tools listed here for free?

Now, if you are sold on how all these business tools works, and now you're wondering how to pay for all of these great services. You may be asking yourself, "Yes, I can see how I can use these tools to make money on the Internet, but how can I justify the cost if I am on a fixed budget? Can I find a way to get them for less money or even free?"

Well, I'm am telling you, yes, you bet you can. You can get the following:

-Free Internet based Web sites.
-Free Internet based calendars.
-Free Internet based "to do lists."
-Free Internet based chat line systems.
-Free Internet based discussion boards.

Free Internet based e-mail responders.
-Free leads for your e-zine and business.
-Free press releases for your business.
-Free software to manage your e-zine.

Honestly, you can get just about any service you could use for your business for free.

And you're smart to be asking these questions. I always take the time to research quality services that are offered by companies that pay me a referral fee, so I can get a reduced price on their service, get it for free, or even make a few extra dollars income when I tell my friends about the program. I even plan to offer seminars to promote this concept, both at conference centers and live over the Internet, to show you how to get these services at no cost, or even make money marketing them.

In fact, I believe we should all utilize this type of service to find the best products and services at the best prices. I've tested many of the programs that are available for each need, and I have found most of the programs are cutting edge, high tech, quality services. Sometimes I even wonder if we all made referrals for friends and business associates in this manner, would it help promote the best programs and get rid of the bad programs that make money just because they have large advertising budgets.

So finally, I'll tell how exactly how easy it is to you get these services for free. First, here is an example of how it works. Many years back, I needed a hit counter for my web site. I had a free web site hit counter that could count the number of hits on my site, but I needed more information for marketing purposes. I needed to know where the visitors found my page, where they left my page and what pages they visited while on my site, as well as other important marketing data.

I then found a company that charged $15.00 per month for the service. They also said they would pay me $3.00 for each referral. So, when I had found 5 people who also needed a website hit counter, my service was free. Every time I signed up another friend or business associate, I earned another residual payment of $3.00 per month. Yes, I know, the technology has since changed, and yes web site counters are usually included in your hosting fee, so here is another example of how I get my services for free.

I now use the affiliate based program for helping others build web sites and to get my web site hosted for free. Over the years, I have charged anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for building web sites, now I have added
Siteblast to my offerings, a referral based program if someone asks me how to build a web site. The Internet based program helps people build their own professional web sites in a matter of just a few minutes when they choose to build their web site from over 600+ templates.

ou can find a web site template for just about any industry. For example:

-Accounting firms.
-Real estate offices.
-Dental offices.
-Architectural firms.
-Barter companies.

You name the industry, and you can find an excellent template for that industry.

Best of all, the sites costs just $100.00 and I earn $50.00 per sale, for just a few minutes of consultation. Then I earn $3.00 per month residual for as long as the person keeps their web site with the service, which could be many, many years. Most people will never change their web site server if the company is providing a quality service, so there should be very drop out of customers with this program. I can even teach others to show others how to build web sites, and I earn $3.00 per month from anyone who signs up under another person who is on my team!

Now, that does not sound like much money per sale, but when I teach others to duplicate my process, I can very quickly build a respectable income. I've done it before, and I know it can be done again! For the past 4 years, my income from just one program like this has been as high as $4,300 per month, and it has never gone below $350, even though I have not been working it for the past few years. For two years, the average was about $1,700 per month, which is not a lot, but it always made the house payment and paid a few other small bills, even if I was not able to work on it that month.

The company was a computer sales program, which took a hit when the prices of computers dropped, but the income is on the way back up again, and my goal is that in six months, I will have 1,000 people using Siteblast and many of the 40+ affiliate based services listed in this book. I would like to think that when I combine the income I'm already earning from similar programs, I'll be one huge step closer to being semi-retired, working on my boat with my family and my notebook computer!

You can view one of the web sites I've built with this software now, or even build your own free web site to test the concept. Just click here!

Or you can learn about these programs in our seminars:

If you'd like to know more about our upcoming seminars on this product and the other products we use to automate our business on the Internet, and how to get your services for free, just send e-mail and we'll add you to our mailing list to remind you of upcoming seminars. Just send e-mail to: with the subject: seminars

Here are a few of the topics we will be covering.


Setting up your own Internet web site.
Setting up your own Internet based office.
Setting up your own email responder system.
Setting up your own search engine submittals.

Plus many, many more business services.
Click here for an up to date list.

Again, the truly exciting thing is, I have at least 40+ such business services listed throughout this book that will help you market your products or simply save you time.

I've taken the time to research which services work best, to find out if they actually pay on time, and then signed up to be a reseller for each one. That's the referral business plan guide. It's not to have a doctorate in computer science, but to have to have a high level of expertise in specific area and to be able to provide a solution, by making a qualified, sound referral. Then if you wish, you can even earn money by taking it a step further and offering your time as a consultant to actually train the user on how to use the application. But that's for another chapter too.

But, I do hope we can help you now, by referring you to more than one of these programs, for web sites, automated offices, Internet access, computer software, computers, and more.

I truly like making referrals for the service based programs, the ones that help people automate or simplify their lives. I just feel better about helping you with something that will truly help you in your life. Something I use on a regular basis and know inside out, rather than trying to make money by telling you to go buy a bicycle or a microwave from my website. You can buy that anywhere. Besides, I simply like working with new, high tech stuff and this book is a great excuse to do so!

But I digress. Now, if you decide to make referrals yourself, please just remember, test the product, check up on the company to be assured that they offer a quality service or product, and then you can duplicate the process too! Duplicate yourself.... set up an automated system.

Duplicate yourself.... set up an automated system... 

Talking about duplicating your self... I want to assure you that you can simplify your life and increase your income in a matter of days, not years. You just need to learn how to use the Internet to train others to duplicate you and what you do! You just have to take the time to show them what you do. And you may have to do it in person so they can see what you are doing. Why? Because people learn by seeing, not hearing.

If I've heard it once, I have heard it a million times. "If I could just see you do it once, I'd never forget how to do it,", or "If there were only two of me, I could get it all done.". Well, now you can show them over the Internet, and there can be two, 5, 10 or more of you in a matter of days or weeks.

With advances in technology on the Internet, now you can easily train others to do what you do, because you can actually show them how you do it, while you do it, on the Internet. Best of all, now it does not matter where they are located The person you want to train could just as easily be 10 states away, as sitting next to you. As long as they have access to the Internet, speakers and a microphone, you can show them what you are doing on your computer, and you can talk to them through the same service while doing so.

This program will allow you to:

-Make live presentations via the Internet (to one person or many).
-Take your audience along with you to any web site on the Internet.
-Talk to your audience live while making your demonstration via microphone.
-Answer additional questions via the chat mode while you give the demonstration (or you can have an associate do so while you continue with the presentation).
-Make prerecorded presentations for your customers, so they can play them over and over and over.

But on to other cool stuff the program does. The program even allows you to share applications on your computer! This means you can literally have your potential customers or your salespeople and other employees actually watch how you work so they can learn how to emulate you! I know that sounds a bit conceited, but hey, if you are good at what you do, why not share your secrets with others to share your success?

Now, can you think of procedures similar to the ones below that you'd like to show others to do? That would save you time and money, or even make you more money? Well, even if you're coming up blank, don't worry, I have a few ideas of course!

To start, let's talk about the Siteblast program for a minute. Think back to when we talked about automating your office, with your on-line to do list, calendar, e-mail, shared documents, newsletter, fax machine and more. How would you like to share these tools with your employees or new affiliates that you are training? When you are ready to train and delegate, you can start by sharing these business tools and procedures.

Not only can they create their own calendar with this service, but you can even allow them to access many of your shared resources, such as your calendar, newsletter and more.

This is called an Intranet. An Internet is a password protected web site that allows you to share information and services. An Intranet can include on-line manuals, a faq file (frequently asked questions), on-line discussions where everyone can contribute in a discussion, and chat lines where everyone can interact and brainstorm at will. The main goal is to use this service to reduce your time and effort by training and educating them first via documents and presentations, group discussions and more, then and only then replying to individual questions via e-mail if the matter is not answered in the group area, or in the case of an emergency.

Talking Communities you can show anyone who to use these tools, over the Internet!

Not all of these ideas are related only to training people to use your Intranet.
Here are just a few examples of additional things you can do or teach with this new software program:

- Create a new web site.
- Insert an image in a new web site.
- Add a new part number to your web site.
- Sell an item on the Internet - through an auction.
- Import names into a bulk e-mail package.
- Show someone how to sell a product.

But back to the
Talking Communities program for a minute.

Take a few minutes to make your list of projects that you would want to show someone how to do to emulate your success.

Task:____________________________________ Person: _______________
Task:____________________________________ Person: _______________
Task:____________________________________ Person: _______________
Task:____________________________________ Person: _______________
Task:____________________________________ Person: _______________

Why would you want to show them in person what you do? To start, from my experience of owning a retail computer store for 20 years, I have heard people say, "You can tell me how to do something over the phone 100 times and I still won't understand it, but if you can show it to me once, I'll be able to do it right away, and never forget how to do it!" Well, they may forget, but the point is, have you not found this to be true with you too, that you learn much, much faster if you can see what the person is trying to teach you?

This is very true in salesmanship. So, how about using it to train your salespeople how to sell. Can you imagine how much time and money this will save you in training salespeople? Why pay to have them fly to come train with you when you can bring them along on one of your sales calls via the Internet? Three way conference calls (now called Internet based presentations) are one of the very best selling tools used by affiliate programs for three reasons in this basic scenario:

You are new to a business, but have a prospective customer who wants to know more about your product. Your best option is to start out by having the prospect pre-qualify themselves from your e-mail responders as we have discussed. Then you make a follow up call to the prospect with (your sponsor or upline) the person who brought you into the company. Here is the way you should proceed to sign up this new prospect and learn about the program yourself while doing so, and why!

First, you introduce your upline to your prospect, building him up as the expert in the industry, and tell the prospect how lucky you both are that you are able to visit with him. Next bring up the web site for your new product or service, and allow your sponsor to take you both through a complete presentation of the product or service. Be sure to let the sponsor mute the microphone of the prospect at least initially so your sponsor can make a complete presentation, then open up the microphone (or microphones) of the prospect(s) for questions once the presentation is over.

You will find that this works because:

1. Your sponsor is the expert and it builds credibility for your cause. He has been in the program longer, knows more about it and probably makes more money doing it than you.

2. You learn from your upline how to make a good presentation while you listen to his presentation.

3. You have a higher closure rate because he is better at making presentations because he has made more presentations.

So think about it for a minute. What would you like to learn how to do, from someone who already knows how to do it? Make your list, of what you'd like to learn or what you'd like to teach others to do, and we'll show you how!

We plan to offer seminars on a variety of topics like this through the Internet in the future. What would you like to see? For example, would it be great if someone could show you these things over the Internet?

- How to give an online presentation.
- How to create a web site in minutes.
- How to run scan disk on a hard drive.
- How to update software on a computer.
- How to check for a virus on a computer.

You name it, and you can do it!

In fact, I believe you will see this new service creates a whole new industry for those who can teach over the Internet. In fact, there are quite a few tasks on my computer that I don't' know how to do and would pay someone to teach me how to do, if only I could find the right person who knows how to do it!

With this program, I would not have to pay them for travel time to come to my home or office to teach me. For example, I'd certainly be willing to pay someone to teach me how to make money over the Internet, on my computer, at my convenience, wouldn't you?

I've had so many other specific cases where I would gladly have paid $25 to someone for 15 minutes of their time. Like fixing a payroll problem on pay day, or to help me finish a web site for a customer when it was under a deadline.

Do you see applications that you would want help with? This program will be great for business uses, such as trainers and educators or even for anyone who simply wants to talk over the Internet to save long distance calling fees.

You can do it all with this new software package called
Talking Communities. If you are interested in seeing how it works, just click here or type in this web site.

Finally, you need to focuse on your
checklists of things to do... 

o, now that you have everyone else working for you and making money for you, let us turn back to what you need to be doing to maintain this goal, and how to get it all done. Then we will move on to how to judge if you're successful, using a few simple checklists we have created!

There are certain things you must do on a regular basis to plan and build your success. Some of these are what I call active items, and some of them are what I like to call maintenance items.

Active items

Active items are the things that you actively do during the day. These items can be planned tasks or they can be tasks that come up as emergencies. But either way, they are things that must be done in an orderly fashion. Things like running ads the papers or attending business building meetings or making sales calls. Taking a sales call from an unexpected customer can be an example of a task you must complete that was not planned, yet it is still an active item. Active items can even include family related tasks like picking up the kids after soccer practice. In any case, you either need a day timer to organize and plan these items.

Of course being a computer fan (not a computer geek), I would choose to have my to do list on my computer, and be able to access it from anywhere, anytime that I have access to the Internet.
But we've already covered that concept here, so we'll move on to the maintenance items, which are not always as fun, but can many times be more important.

Maintenance items

Maintenance items are those that keep you from nasty surprises and failure. An example of a nasty surprise is when your hard drive crashes and you lose your customer list and your accounts receivable list. This is a good time to have checked your calendar each day for the schedule of things you do, and to have made a back up of your hard drive, or at least your accounting information. Your accounts payable is not as important to track as your vendors will certainly send you a statement, but people who owe you money have a way of forgetting about owing you money. Perhaps that is why some 70% of businesses that lose their data go out of business.

So, you can see how important the maintenance items can be. Don't be one of the people that fail to plan and fell flat on their faces just as they were starting to make a good income!
Click here for a few of our forms that track your backups and other things you need to do on a regular basis. Some of these things need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and include things like paying your rent, sales taxes, employee taxes and so forth.

Again, either pick up a calendar or day timer at your local office supply store, or set up these recurring events on your
calendar in your web site. It does not matter which way you go about it, as long as you get it done!

Set up a system to track your success....

ne of the best ways to assure your success is to plan and track your success regularly! As we've said before, most people do not plain to fail, they simply fail to plan. If you don't have solid plans and goals, how will you know when you reach them, or what progress you are making, or not making?

We can provide a
basic outline for the steps to take for business success that will provide you with a basic game plan, but you will also want to create a template for tracking sales and profits, and additional forms for measuring other important gauges of success, such as time with family, friends, church and what you give back to the community and the world.

What do we mean by that? Well, let me explain. I'm sure that we've all heard that "The person with the most toys in the end wins," but we've also heard "You can't take it with you." And of course the, "Nobody has ever heard of anyone on their deathbed who said 'I wish I had made more money or spent more time at the office!'".

What we usually hear is "I wish I had spent more time with my friends and family, and even that they wish they had gotten to know God better." In my humble opinion, those are the levels of success that are important. We all should ask ourselves, how many people did I help along the way on this short trip we call life, and be satisfied with the answer.


We've covered many services and goals in this book, and I hope you feel excited about the opportunities before you! Some of you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the challenges we have laid out here to automate and simplify (and enjoy) your life with the help of technology. But what I would say to that is: Try to remember that life is a series of challenges, and how we approach these challenges many times determines our level of success. I challenge you to take these challenges in stride and keep the finish line in sight as your end goal at all times!

If you've decided to follow our outline and make it happen, the absolute best thing you can do to achieve success is to stop right now, and take the time to write down your goals and place them where you see them every day. Post your goals where you will see them when you wake up, and when you go to bed. Make a copy and put it in your to do list, in your car and in your pocket.

Whatever you have to do to get and stay motivated, you do it. If it means joining us every day for
motivation in our discussion area, you do it. Make the time, plan in advance and be there. We'll give you examples of how to be successful and get you started, then you follow through. It's that simple.

Talking about motivation, part of my motivation is that I'm tired of the 9:00 to 5:00 routine, boss in my face, can't make enough money and "Don't have time for my family," hassle. If you have the same concerns, I have two things to say to you.

First of all, you can tell I've been there, done that, and understand it, with one difference. I've been the boss and the employee. So I see both angles of this situation. After being on both sides of the fence, I must say that both positions are difficult. Taking instructions from someone else all day is hard, and working your tail off for without a large share of the profits is hard. But being the employer with all the responsibilities and risks is not always what it is cracked up to be either. It's no fun to take all the risks and all the time either. So I want to be in the middle, a self-employed, Internet entrepreneur! How about you?

Now, perhaps you want to be self employed your own boss with the prestige of having a lot of employees, or think that having a lot of employees will allow you to never work again, but I would ask you to talk to others in that position and ask if they are ever truly free. Ask them if they are ever truly free from worry, even when they do have employees to cover things for them. I think not. Many of these people still work unbearable hours for the money they earn, and may never ever fully get away from the stress of the responsibilities of business and employees.

The Internet based business is the only situation where you can work by yourself, when you want, how you want, if you are truly organized and automated.

That is why the Internet offers you an opportunity that has never been available before, period. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on the Internet, period. And I do encourage you to "GO FOR IT" with caution and with a few provisions. Start by making sure that you and your loved ones understand what you may have to sacrifice to make it being self-employed on the Internet.

Yes, there are many, many people who make a lot of money on the Internet, but there also are many pitfalls and a huge learning curve to making money on the Internet. Like any other business, you still need to a map or a plan to find that pot of gold before you go running off full speed ahead, hiring a lot of employees and spending a lot of money. It just might be that no matter how good the latest, greatest business plan sounds, you might not have picked the right business for you, or that you just might not be good at business, period. What we're trying to say here is just go SLOW, and don't quit your day job until you have had some success.

Honestly, bankruptcies and divorces too often accompany new business ventures. Make sure your family understands the stresses of being in business for yourself, and make sure you have enough money in savings to cover your bases for at least six months before you start on your new business, especially if you hope to quit your daytime job.

In my case, when I let my employees go and closed my retail computer store after 20 years to work full time on the Internet, my wife and I agreed that I would swallow my pride and work part time at another job until the new business took off. I pulled a Kurt Warner and did a job I did not want to do until I made it on the Internet. From what I've read, Kurt Warner had to work a part time job at night until he made it too. As you may know, he "made it" in football as the quarterback of the NFL champion St. Louis Rams.

It's funny, but when people say we ALL have to do "A bit of what we don't want to do" to get where we want to be, I agree with them. There are examples of this everywhere. But you should not be afraid, you just have to find an example of success and use it to motivate you. You can even try to emulate their game plan and success if they are in the same industry, but chances they are in a different industry, as in my case, and that's ok too.

I guess I will expand on this concept. For example, Kurt Warner happens to attend to my church (St. Louis Family Church here in Chesterfield, MO), and even though I have never met him, I use his story as motivation for my situation. Not because I am a huge football fan (I've probably watched 5 games in full in the last 20 years) but because I very much appreciate how he worked nights at a Grocery store only 23 miles from my home town of Iowa City, Iowa until he made it. He also was humble about it, and I even read that he was happy to earn $7.00 per hour stocking shelves because it allowed him to keep going after his football career and to finally realize his dream. Supposedly, he even had coworkers laugh at him when he told them he would be a quarterback in the NFL. Yet there he is. That's motivation for me, how about you? If he can come back and make it big, why can't we?

But back to the topic of my wife. At the beginning, I think she would rather have had me have regular 40 hour per week job, but I think she realizes it's just hard for me not to be working in a sales related business. It is part of who I am. I am an entrepreneur, and I cannot get away from that. I have tried. It has not worked. I honestly believe, if you're an entrepreneur, it's in your blood to work hard, take risks and dream about financial freedom.

My wife will tell you that I am usually up late at night, continually thinking about how to better my business plan or create a new chapter for my book, or even a new book! That's because I like thinking about these ideas, and I know what I want and I am willing to work hard to get what I want, which is freedom to do what I want, when I want, with who I want! Most important to me is that writing books and marketing on the Internet brings me freedom to spend time and money with the people I enjoy that a 40 hour job never would provide.

Some people want to use the Internet to earn a bit of extra income to get by, pay for a new car or to pay for a child's college, etc., but I think of it as a lifestyle. I strive to build residual income, so my wife and I can have a different lifestyle! A lifestyle that my wife and I can enjoy that you cannot have working a 40-60 hour workweek for someone else. We have a 2-year old daughter and I want my wife to be able to stay at home with her. And to have the flexibility to go out of state to visit family and take vacations most of the year round, even if we have to work some while we're on vacation.

You decide what is important to you and see if fits being self employed. If you feel the same, you must decide and go for it. Then never look back. Try to find something you enjoy doing because then it's like getting paid to work on your hobby!

For example, I am lucky enough to get paid to share my computing experiences and knowledge with others. Not only am I lucky enough to make money for myself, but I also get to help others make money on the Internet too. It gives me great joy to share what I've learned about computers and the Internet over the past 20 years. It is my passion for two reasons. First of all, because I love computers, but also because I believe in the saying "That to whom much is given much is expected," and I want to help others.

So not only do I want to donate time and money for projects that are close to my heart, or that I enjoy, but I also strive to make a lot of money because I can do good for the people around me with money. I do believe in tithing a portion of my income to help others. It's only 10% of my income, and I want to be expected to give that much, or more! I want to expect to give much to others, especially my church. It's something to look forward too, not run away from. I also believe God gives to those who give, and he gives abundantly. Not only in matters of money, but in all things.

Now, what is your passion? Find it and you're half way home. I have explained what I want out of life, now you write down what you want, and see if it matches up with making money on the Internet. Then make a plan and stick to it. The final word is that you can make a living on the Internet, but you have to have a plan and you have to work the plan. You are following the Internet pioneers who have just recently come before you, so learn from them! Find the successful Internet marketers, duplicate them and whatever tools and processes they use that will work in your business and just make it happen.

That's how I did it. Most of the ideas in this book come from 20 + years of working with computers, reading books related to making money with computers and talking to people with the same interests, particularly the people who are really good at it! If you're interested in making money on the Internet, buy the books, listen to the self-motivation tapes and make contact with people who are successful. People who surround themselves with successful people usually are either successful or become successful. Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? Then start by going back to the start of this chapter and looking at your priorities again, and update them each and every day.

Good luck and thank you for considering me to be one of those knowledgeable and successful people, and reading my book. I've done my best to share with you all that I have learned in the past 20 years about computers and the Internet, and you can be assured I plan to continue to update the books with new ideas and tips as we go, and to keep in touch with you and enjoy your success. I hope to see you in our discussion (forum) section where we can discuss the concepts further.

Until then, go set up your new Internet office, and happy computing to you!

John Davin

This is the end of the chapter on the Introduction to the Internet, and my view of the Internet. As you know, I've turned my computer and the Internet into my new office, I hope you are ready to explore ways to implement what I've learned of the Internet into your life and business.

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