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1) Our business startup guide and checklist.

Starting a new business? Print this checklist, then check off each task as you complete it! Includes links to hundreds of business resources such as the SBA, Score, copyright/ patent offices and business tools such as web site templates, e-mail responders, fax on demand, contact managers, search engines submittal sites, logo designers, free business cards, and more. Many services are free!

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2) An Introduction to Computing and the future.

An Introduction to computing and a general outline of what you can do with a computer. Followed by chapters on how to select the right computer and software, unpack and set up your new computer, warranty issues, how to backup and protect your computer and data, and more!

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  3) An Introduction to the Internet and the future.

An outline of what can you can do on the Internet, from e-mail to surfing the Internet to making your own web site. We even cover how to get on the Internet, including hardware and software requirements. For the beginner only.

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Tips and tools for creating your own web site.

What you do need and don't need, from your own servers to expensive programs or programmers. More importantly, we talk about what you do need for your web site, from a registered domain name to the right host for your site to simple website templates you can us as your own! Start by assessing your needs and even your skills and follow our checklist for success!

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Tips for marketing business and your web site.

If you're ready to start marketing your web site, here are your "Must have," and "Must do,"resources!! In this book, we'll teach you how to market your products and services on the Internet with the latest, greatest technology available.

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  (6) Automate everything you do with your Internet office.

Automate you life, from placing your letterhead on your computer to faxing from your computer to setting up an Internet based answer machine, to an e-commerce based web site, etc. Add an on-line "To do" list, Calendar and contact manager on the Internet and you have instant access to your office, 24/7!

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How to find and use free software and Internet based services in your business.

I've personally saved thousands of dollars on the software solutions I've needed for my own needs and my clients. I'm talking about hundreds of software applications and solutions, from MS Office compatible software to tax preparation software to virus protection software and free services, such as a free Internet based answering machine service, java scripts for your web site, graphics for your web site and much, much more!

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