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A directory of resources for searching for a new job.

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Employment Opportunities

How to get and keep a job!

Let's get started. What is your definition of employment?
For just about every one of us, no matter what you call it, employment is a necessity. Some of us just have more fun at it than others, depending on our situation and our outlook! But it takes work to be a valuable employee to make good money with all the perks...

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Employment Resources:

Salary Guides

Research your area of expertise to know what to expect.
- Tips on Improving your value to employers :)

Government positions:

The government is one of our top employers. A great place to work too!
- http://www.

Assistance with:
Sources of help with these important elements of getting a great job.
- Resumes

On-line Employment Services (Post your resume here)

Chamber of commerce
Business listings and community support.
- Directory of Chamber of Commerces

Business Directories - (Research a business)
Business history and reports.
- Biz Advantage

Internet Resources
- Find a person
- Find a company
- Find an e-mail address
- Maps and driving directions

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Best of luck!

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A directory of resources for those looking for employment opportunities
(A new job!)