Topic: Past newsletters from J.D. Davin

"Here's a collection of newsletters from the past that will provide useful tools and insights to getting the most out of the Internet and your computer!" J.D. Davin

Newsletter # 1

1. Free Anti-virus check for your computer.
2. Free software package of the week: Tired of popups? Try this program to cancel them!
3. Time / Money saving tips: Free Business Cards! Save your printer by ordering these free business cards today.

Newsletter # 2

1. How to protect your computer from Hackers!
2. Never miss a call because you're on the net, with your new Internet based answering machine.
3. FREE SOFTWARE / SERVICE OF THE WEEK: Taxact - free tax preparation software

Newsletter # 3

1. Free balance sheet templates and more!
2. One source for EVERY FORM OR POSTER you will ever need! 3. FREE SOFTWARE OF THE WEEK: Adobe Acrobat Reader
4. TIME SAVING TOOL OF THE WEEK: Save time by simply ordering and printing your stamps on your computer

Newsletter # 4

1. Even simple things save or make money, like sending free e-greeting cards via the Internet.
2. Tracking your prospects with a powerful contact manager. 3. Using compression software to save hard drive space.
4. Time saving tools: Sending your documents via e-mail to the printer to be printed.

Newsletter # 5

1. More examples of how Contact Managers automate you life and increase sales. (Be sure to download your free working demo!)
2. Save hundreds of dollars on a merchant account by using these programs to sell your products. Even subscriptions!
3. Time saving tools: Using free web site calculators to estimate shipping costs anywhere, anytime!
4. FREE SOFTWARE / SERVICE OF THE WEEK: Free service with 4,000,000 plus users allows you to send and receive money via the Internet.

Newsletter # 6

1. More ways to accept payments via the Internet without a merchant account - even e-books!
2. Sources of free programs (scripts/applets) to build a professional, money making web site. HERE'S ONE EXAMPLE: A GUESTBOOK FOR YOUR SITE
3. FREE SOFTWARE / SERVICE OF THE WEEK: Set up a free e-mail account, or two!
4. Time saving tools: Create and use your letterhead on your computer, then write your letters on your pc, print, email or fax them from our pc!

Newsletter # 7

1. Checklist for accepting credit cards/check drafts
2. More sources of free programs (scripts/applets) to build a professional, money making web site:
3. Time saving tips and tools: Online calculators for just about any need.
4. FREE SOFTWARE / SERVICE OF THE WEEK: Free online calculators for any need, from future value of a deposit to amortization tables to hundreds of conversions.

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John E. Davin

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