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Topic: Relocating to a new community

It's a big move in more ways than one.
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J.D. Davin

Are you relocating for a new opportunity? It's an exciting time and a large undertaking. Here are a few resources that will be helpful to you in your new move. If you print the guides on the left side of this page and follow them, you will have a much smoother and enjoyable move to your new community and job.

If you are still looking for that perfect new employer, click here, here for resources for anyone who is contemplating changing employers or careers. You'll find salary guides, continuing education ideas, headhunters, employment agencies and more.

Now, once you do have a prospective employer, you'll want to compare the cost of living for each respective community to assure yourself that you can afford to take the new, "higher paying" job in the new community. You might even find you will be making more money and spending less money with your new move. Let's hope so! You can compare the cost of living for about any community with this "Cost of living Guide".

Next you'll need to find and compare places to live. Purchasing a new home or renting an apartment until you're secure in your employment is a big decision, many times dictated by finances and future career options. We can't tell you about your future career options, but we can show you how to calculate your monthly house payments for a buy/rent analysis.

If you've decided to purchase a home, visit realtor.com to find a real estate agent or if you've chosent to rent, visit apartmentguide.com to view all the available apartments in the area. If you buy a house, you'll also need to find a mortgage institution, which is the entity that will loan you the money for your home. If that did not make sense and you need a glossary of terms, click here! If you will be renting, you may need renter's insurance to start.

Next, you'll need to start looking for someone to move you. Hopefully the company is paying to move you. Here are a few packing calculators and links to moving companies and truck rental companies to help you make the decision to hire a company or to move your household items yourself. Either way, here are a few excellent guides for moving.

Once you are ready to move, make sure you have driving directions to your new community and home, as well as the work place for the first day. You can print a map complete with driving directions direct from yahoo.com.

Once you get there, you will also have to make some changes in many aspects of your life. Here are a few guides to making these changes. You need to start looking at these options right away.

First of all, you will need to tell your friends where you are now located, but you will of course also need to change your address with many entities such as the post office, the bank and many other billing agencies. You can make it all a bit less complicated if you change your change your address with all your contacts in one step for a small fee.You may also change insurance agents, so here is a guide to refresh your memory about your insurance needs.

Finally, you will want to get to know your community and meet the people in your community to adjust to life in a new city. There are many city guides that will help you learn about the community but be sure to check out all of the local community resources such as the local welcome wagon, local clubs, groups, churches, etc., and for business contacts, the chamber of commerce, the Score office, any referral network groups and such. Make new friends and business contacts quickly and you'll enjoy your new community that much faster!

Best of luck!

You have my best and warmest wishes for success.

John E. Davin

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