From the Desk of John Davin

Dear [prospect];

If you've read and heard about the many benefits of the new web based conference room, perhaps now is the time to explore having your own web based conference room to for sales or to meet, recruit, train and motivate a team of associates.

Perhaps now is the time because I can help you better understand the benefits and how to effectively use a web based conference room. In addition, now you can have a full-featured voice conferencing solution, and much more, for a fraction of the cost that has been available until now.

Now you can take charge of those meetings or seminars with the ability to audio mute, text mute, clear the current speaker, queue speakers or kick users out of the room for complete traffic control.

Please take a moment to compare:

» Extremely user friendly
» Excellent sound quality
» Integrated browser for web presentations
» Sophisticated text chat
» Password protection of rooms
» A full spectrum of moderator features
» Share and send web pages
» Brand the room with your own colors, layout, banners, and icon
» Lock the room for private meetings

Now you can even record events and presentations with a single click. Your recording includes all voice conferencing, text chat and web pages pushed during the session and can be archived and displayed at a later date through a simple 3-step process.

1 Enter a conference room and start recording.

2. Make your presentation. By talking, and visiting web pages or pushing a Power Point (TM) presentation.

3. Upload the recorded files to your web site.

Then watch the entire presentation with voice, slides, and text reproduced completely.

- Create the ultimate presentation about the company's best product line.

- Create an on-line course on a program that your upline or boss wants you to teach to the team or company next week.

- Create a multimedia tour of your website.

With the easiest recording feature around you can have your presentations uploaded to your web site in minutes.

The Broadcaster Feature.

Ask us about the most recent feature: Broadcaster.

Broadcast LIVE all sound and web pages to users using our Player. Your audience can listen in and watch your presentation without actually participating in the room. Perfect for Web seminars, virtual meetings, talk radio, and more.

Client Branding.

Set your own layout of the room. Place the browser on top, on the right, or don't show it at all. Define the background, border, and menus colors. Even place your own banners and icon right into the software! Our conference rooms can be completely "branded" with YOUR company name.

All in all, a web based conference room is the absolute best way to meet, recruit, train and motivate your sales team. I invite you to set up your new office at and automate all that you do for increased sales, income and leisure time.

Now that you've heard about the program, is your brain active thinking of ways you can use this service to recruit, train, mentor, motivate, automate, train and SELL? If not, I am a bit concerned.

For most of you, you'll probably be thinking of the additional ways and different places you'll use the service too, because now you will have a mobile, global, Internet based office so you can:
1. Use a client's computer at their location to create a quote or sell a service.

2. To check your e-mail, to do list or calendar, even when you are on vacation. Or to even give a quick presentation through the Internet or give a quick sales pitch just so you don t get rusty.  Or not. Sometimes vacations are just that. Vacations. But I know very few people who actually leave all of their business behind when they go on vacation. The truth is, most of the people I know take business vacations They take the family to their business seminar and work while they play. That is, they play during the day with the family and give a presentation at night. Best of all, it's a business write off.

3. Work from the coffee shop or any other location that has access to the Internet, via your notebook computer.

Other exciting goals are that your new Internet based office is mobile. Even global. Wherever you are, you have access to your office and the ability to do your work. And you have the ability to communicate with anyone around the world who has access to the Internet too!

That should be enough to get you started brainstorming on uses for this technology.
If you have ideas you'd like to share, or need more ideas, send me an e-mail, and I'll add your ideas to our list and share the ideas we have from others who use the technology.

Best regards,

John Davin


PS: Please view a section of our book on implementing technology in your business.

"Implementing Technology to recruit, train and automate an effective sales team."

Web conferencing technology can help you to:

1. Help facilitate the recruiting, training and sales process for Multi-Level-Businesses.
2. Cut costs for both MLM corporate entity and team members.
3. Create a sense of community and team building.
4. Automate the way team members recruit, train and sell product.

-Make live presentations via the Internet (to one person or many).
-Take your audience along with you to any web site on the Internet.
-Talk to your audience live while making your demonstration via microphone.
-Answer additional questions via the chat mode while you give the demonstration (or you can have an associate do so while you continue with the presentation).
-Make prerecorded presentations for your customers and team so they can review them, critique them and share them with others.

John Davin is an independent business consultant and author.

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