"Implementing Technology to recruit, train and automate an effective sales team."

Main Goals:

To implement Internet based applications and communications tools that will help facilitate the recruiting; training and sales process for Multi-Level-Businesses.

In addition, we will:

1. Cut costs for both MLM corporate entity and team members.
2 Automate the way team members recruit, train and sell product.
3. Create a sense of community and team building.

Listen to this testimonial:

My New Office dot com has given me the ability to recruit across the country in several different states in the same day from the convenience of my own home, talking directly to my prospective recruits is just a keystroke away.

Now instead of all that traveling, and nights away from home, and spending more than 2 dollars a gallon for gas, I can show people a complete overview of my products and services as many times as I need to on a daily basis for less than a dollar a day! My new Office dot com also allows me to start working with new sales associates right away , and this allows the new person to grow their business immediately, and thatís what business is really all about!

Thanks soo much John, for such a cost effective, business building tool!

Jack Miller
Pre Paid Legal Services

Primary Application:

Talking Communities Interactive Web Conferencing Service

- Make live presentations through the Internet:
(presentations can be voice, web pages and power point presentations)

            - 24/7 for flexible and worldwide events.
            - To 1 person, hundreds or thousands at a time.
            - Answer questions about presentation, live, via voice or text.
            - Recording of presentation:
                        - For future training sessions.    
                        - For review by attendees at a later date.
                        - To reduce future training requirements and time.
                        - For group or individual critique of presentation.

Ways this technology will will help attain goals listed above:

- Replaces or enhances the 3 way call for         
            - Sales 
            - Recruiting
            - Training of recruits
- Encourages team effort and collaboration
- Facilitates team effort and collaboration
- Cost efficient
            - Can replace long distance calls
            - Can replace conferencing charges
- Accessible 24 hours per day - increases amount of working hours for team members.
- Eliminates geographical limitations for sales, recruiting, training and support.

The steps to successful recruiting, training and making sales over the Internet for MLM companies.

Automation and duplication - the main ingredients of building a successful MLM Company:

As a top (in the top 8 of 10,000) at Handtech Corporation, and as an active recruiter for other MLM companies, I ve heard this statement quite often from top recruiters and managers.  If I've heard it once, I have heard it a million times. Most of my unsuccessful down line members keep telling me "If I could just see and hear you do it once, I'd know how to do it and I'd never forget how to do it," or "If there were only two of me, I could make millions!"

Now, if you're the head of an MLM company ,you've probably heard this before too. Or perhaps you've even said it on the way up the ladder.

Let's talk about the latter statement, the most difficult part of this entire MLM Business. The goal of duplicating your self... or at least the things that you do... the steps that you take to be successful in your business.

I am sure you feel that you could simplify your life and increase your income in a matter of days, not years, if you could just get other people to follow your formula for success. And it is true. Just look at yourself. What you do works. You are the proof. So let's create or clone more of you!

But the problem is, to duplicate yourself and your success, you have to take the time to show each and every individual exactly what you do, probably more than once. And you have to do it in person so they can see and hear exactly what you are doing. Why? Because people learn better by hearing and seeing, not just by reading or our lecturing. And for best results, you would have to travel extensively to meet each person individually. Besides, you have other things you want to do with your time, right? Me too.

Finally, you cannot be in more than one place at one time, right? Or can you? We'll explain that yes, you can be in more than one place at one time with new technology that we want to share with you.

So what is the solution?

The solution is as close as your computer and the Internet, and a concept called VOIP. With VOIP, you can use the Internet to train others to duplicate you and what you do, quickly and effectively, almost as if you were in person, right there in front of the person, all from your own chair at your own desk in your own office or home office.

This concept is relatively new, but this new buzzword and business solution is quickly changing the way many successful MLM companies and Internet marketers do business.

It's called VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VOIP). But don t  worry about all of the fancy terminology. Just worry about how long you've NOT been using it that is helping the competition get ahead of you!

The truth is you can use this technology today, and it will:

1. Help facilitate the recruiting, training and sales process for Multi-Level-Businesses.
2. Cut costs for both MLM corporate entity and team members.
3. Create a sense of community and team building.
4. Automate the way team members recruit, train and sell product.

Here are a few basic benefits of the technology and please take a moment to compare over the standard 3 way call.

» Extremely user friendly
» Excellent sound quality
» Integrated browser for web presentations
» Sophisticated text chat
» Password protection of rooms
» A full spectrum of moderator features
» Share and send web pages
» Brand the room with your own colors, layout, banners, and icon
» Lock the room for private meetings

Now I'd like to give you a specific example of how this works. But to do so, let's be realistic for a moment first. Most of us would truly like to find a way to automate everything we do so that we can simply set up a web page, let people pre qualify themselves and even sign themselves up for our companies. Then we'd like to duplicate that system over and over.  But it really does not work that way, most of the time.

Traditionally, it takes up to 7 contacts with a person before they buy from you. Of course you may have higher closing rates if you meet with them in person or online in a conference room. Business is all about making contacts, qualifying the prospects, getting information to them, then asking for the sale.

Making sales with fewer contacts is a result of the following:

1. Truly getting to know your prospects personally.
2. Finding out about them and their needs.
3. Gaining their trust that you know their needs.
4. Gaining their trust in your company and YOU.
5. Helping them understand their need for your products and services.
6. Doing this as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What has been the traditional way of building this credibility and trust in Internet and MLM marketing? The best results have always been to meet with the prospective client, the upline and yourself in what we call a 3-way call.

Here's how a 3 way call works:

The players;

1. The Expert 
2. The New Associate
3. The Prospect

The prospect is the person who gets invited to the call with the Expert and the New Associate, on the phone, all at the same time. The goal is to have the "Expert" give a presentation over the phone to the prospect to explain the benefits and the opportunity with the product(s) and the company respectively, and to then help them sign up for the services or program.

The New Associate is the person who has just joined the company as a salesperson or recruiter or both, and has not had time to learn all there is to know about the business yet.

The "Expert" is the person who has been in the business for quite some time or at least knows the program and the benefits very well and has a vested interest in the success of the new associate, so he is happy to make the presentation (he gets paid bonuses for sales and recruiting success by the New Associate .)

The benefits of a 3 way call to a new associate are:

1. The associate is able to have an "Expert" make a presentation for them.

2. The associate is able to earn while they learn.

That's just the beginning of the benefits to all involved. But let's focus on the benefits of the 3 way call for now.

Can you see the beauty and simplicity of the 3 way call? The main concept is that the New Associate needs to be trained, but they also need to earn money while they are being trained. The Expert has:

1. Knowledge of the products and services.

2. If introduced correctly, credibility with the prospect.

3. A vested interest in helping the New Associate make a sale and/or to recruit a new member into the company.

Examples of new technology to enhance the standard 3 way!

I highly suggest you try using a web conferencing room for your next 3 way call using a web conferencing room using voice over internet protocol (VOIP). 

Here are just a few reasons why.

1. You can share web pages and power point presentations through the shared tool, the Talking Communities VOIP program.

2. You have no long distance charges for any party involved so parties will feel relaxed and be more willing to stay in the conference and you have a better chance of completing your presentation and achieving your objectives.

3. You can have more than one person in the 3 way call. You can in fact have a combination of up to 700 experts, new associates and prospects in Internet conference rooms at one time if you purchase that large of a conference room.

4. You can have more than one person watching and learning how you recruit, train and sell. You could have your entire down line in the meeting to be trained by your sales call if you like.

5. You or any of the parties in the 3 way can record the presentation for future reference, for training or possible sales.

The fact is 3 way calling has always been one of the most effective tools for building teams. This concept of recruiting, training and selling all in one event is tremendously enhanced by the use of conferencing and sharing web pages through the Internet. And it can be set up in a matter of a day.

By tomorrow morning you could be having your first training session.

Cloning is possible! You really make a clone of you, today!

Now you can easily train others to do what you do, because you can actually show them how you do it, while you do it. All through the Internet. And now it does not matter where you or the other person or persons are located geographically.

The person(s) you want to recruit, train or sell to could just as easily be across the country as in your own city.  As long as they have access to the Internet, speakers and a microphone, you can show them what you are doing on your computer, or make a presentation to them, just as if they were sitting right next to you.

This system will help pass on your knowledge and your direction & the steps to success that only you and a small part of the business world understands; that you can actually duplicate yourself to increase sales, profitability and financial freedom, if you truly want it.

This technology works because:

1. This technology allows people to work the hours they have free, so they will be more willing to work at peak productive times and to be more effective while working.

2. This technology allows them to work the hours they work best. Whether it is at 4:00 AM or 11:00 at night.

3. This technology allows people to work with other people in other states (or countries), at convenient times for them, at zero communications costs. As long as they do not have to pay for long distance to access the Internet.

4. This technology allows team members to work from any location, as long as they have access to the Internet. For a short presentation or to train and motivate fellow team members.

All in all, this is a very exciting product. I will be in contact with you in the next few days to discuss the options.

Best regards,

John Davin