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how to create a web page or design a web site

John Davin
Business and Internet coach.


Who can use a web conference room?
Just about everyone!

Business - general -

Share web pages or powerpoint presentations while discussing the topic.
This means you can:

- Meet with people on the Internet to make sales presentations.
- Provide inexpensive after the sale support for almost any product.
- Train employees virtually on new products and service around the world.
- Offer 3-way calls for recruiting, training, motivating clients and down lines.

Our services offers the ability to share web pages, power point presentations and discuss the topic at hand live by voice. That's exciting enough, but we also give you the ability to record and share the entire event. Can you think of ways to use that service? It is truly never ending and mind boggling.

The uses are unlimited!

Business - web seminars -

Are you an expert in a particular field and want to get paid to teach others? Create your own seminar, and let people attend from their home or office! Just create your power point presentation, share it with your clients, and charge whatever you want!

Business - real estate -

Invite client to your room, show them real estate pictures, listing information help the pre qualify themselves for loans and more. Save time and money traveling to their home or to hundreds of properties.

Families -

Invite the entire family to visit, share pictures, web sites! Friends - invite up to 500 friends to talk about most any topic, from sports to politics to religion to your community.

Friends from school -

Get together with your friends from school or college and talk about home work, tests, sports, boyfriends or girlfriends, etc.

Sports enthusiasts -

Get together 1 day night per week for an hour to visit or discuss last week's game or talk about next year if you're already out of the game.

You can see you can decide how you want to use your room, we've just set it up for you so your vision is a reality!

See you in your own web based conference room!

You have my best and warmest wishes for success.

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See you in the seminars.

how to create a web page or design a web site
John Davin
Business and Internet coach.

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