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NumberManufacturerModel NumberSerial NumberDescriptionRemarksPictures
15AmdekLD-1ABL967LD1 Original 1X CD Rom Drive - external 95-99
81Anderson Jabobson Modem   This modem sports a wooden box that opens up for easy access and repairs, could this have been a prototype? 
17Apple computers inc.A2S1048A2S2-216201Apple II + computerMissing 1 key103-112
46Apple computers inc.A2S1048A2S2-270698 Apple II Plus309-316
51Apple computers inc.Apple IIIA2S2-114068 Apple III Computer is missing 1 key336-341
57Apple computers inc.A3M0011314066 Silentype Printer294-298
62Apple computers inc.M51120F950TWWM59notebookApple's Classic Portable computer, with carry case. Screen does not work.387-392
18Apple computers inc. APPLE II - A2S1A2S1-27363Apple II computerThe very next computer after the Apple 1 - the apple 1 is worth $10,000-$40,000. Missing 1 key.113-120
45AtariAtari 800 522 +datarecorder 8103476158bit computer+ FDDComplete with Floppy Drive, Manuals, no monitor299-308
90ATF DavidsonDITTO395Cmechanic copy machineTurn the handle to make the next copy!455-460
99Byte MagazineIssue #1  This is the first copy Everyone! 
61Columbia data products inc.1690VP/1102951A Early Luggable Computer382-386
59Com Data Corporation302A20433244-13modemAccoustic Modem - 300 Baud?374-378
82CommodoreVic 20 Computer  The one computer you have to have to compete in school - according to the ads! 
50ComodoreSX-64GA1045114oscilloscope like computerCommodore's only Portable IBM Clone332-335
74ComodorePet 4032-1285034024compact computer w. monitorA complete unit, less manuals. Includes data printer and tape cassette recordersDDD
75Comodore 106294PrinterFor Commodore PetDDD
76ComodoreDC/1145613Tape datarecorderFor Commodore PetDDD
21CompuCorpSimplifier Series 600S-00070 MYSTERY COMPUTER! 2xFDD unit - all we have is the unit itself. This one is hard to find any information about..151-157
33Concurent Computer Co.Perkin Elmer 7700 Professional Computer8900084 ID#K16002261  248-252
42CPT Co.Visual Memory Rotary IIVM1912Word Processor!IBM Typewriter Converter- makes a typewriter a word processor!JDG
55Data general one222700020765C Early Portable computer354-360
8Datamaster5500163710data recorder 45,46,50,51
85DatavueDatavue 25560700103portable compuerPortable computer with infrared, detatchable keyboard - one of the first computers to have this option, similar to the IBM PC JR424-432
68DigitalPC305-D1MF21225server like towerRainbow ComputerDDD
54Eagle computer PC SPIRIT2509S0219 Early Portable - with 2 360K Floppy Drives419-423
23EpsonH101A H107A027808 011272 Geneva Portable 
69EpsonQX1-16;Q801A; Q702A012376; 053403computer, keyboard, manual, original boxIBM Compatible computer, complete with all manuals, packing, monitors.DDD
70EpsonQX1-10;Q701A; Q702A343083; 075236computer, keyboard, manual, original boxCP/M computer, complete with all manuals, packing, monitors.DDD
13Gould105-101798550joystick boxEarly Joystick84,131-136
4HAL09-300 KSR354compact blue 32-33
40HALDS300-KSR v3759  484-487
10HayesSmartModem 3001062094630modemIn the original box with manuals, excellent condition.68-72
79Hayes Microcoupler off hook116350modem 30BdOne of the first modems by the company that started it all in communications!413-418
88HeathBasic Add EU801A3162Z470school digital circuit practise unit 443-447
1HeathkitH-100-102-480661 Pre-MSDOS Computer24-27
2HeathkitH-120-106-49597 Pre-MSDOS Computer28-29
31HeathkitDigital EIA416 LSI 11  Classic Antique Computer236-242
77HeathkitEC-1educational analog computerCirca 1965, one of the very first computers EVER created for the educational field. A true collector's item.404-406
78HeathkitEC-1 educational analog computerCirca 1965, one of the very first computers EVER created for the educational field. A true collector's item.409-411
38HeatkitH100-107-49838 Pre-MSDOS Computer477-479
39HeatkitH100-106-49596 Pre-MSDOS Computer480-483
24Hewlet Packard97CALCULA TOR1706A01657 Calculator with case and manuals.185-187
97HYESModem 120070-00038A16400153032 577-580, 582
34Hyundai Super16ACT17001452 6CT1700B773 Early IBM Clone - 2 360L floppy, with monitor, keyboard etc. made oct 1987253-257
19IBM5140A131R059440 Portable computer 122-130
25IBM8573/06123-00081195 Portable Computer188-196
30IBM7012MS70122631652Pseudo Tower 223-225 229-231
35IBM5150317027  259-262
36IBM515011632135150 FCCid# ANO9SA5150475
37IBM515010032625150 FCCid# ANO9SA5150476
41IBM515010064365150 Original IBM PC488-489
44IBM4863194650 Color monitor for PC JRJDG
49IBM51550013785-5155 IBM Luggable PC324-328
65IBM5110-357020compact computer 2x8'' FDDPre-MSDOS Computer - complete with monitor, software, printer, 2 8" Disk Drives, excellent condition.JDU
43IBM+B66PC jr0067-0116530small PC w keyboard + monitorThe battle is on between the First Macintosh and the IBM PC Jr JDG
72IntelMSD 80BM5157intellec mdsIntel's Pre-MSDOS Computer. Includes 8" disk drives and CPUDDD
73IntelMDS DDSCL 17812x8"" FDD unit for MSD 80 DDD
86IntelMSD 80BN33902, CL1462, AT938intellec mds,CPU unit, FDD unit, monitorIntel's Pre-MSDOS Computer. COMPLETE!!! Includes monitor, keyboard and 8" disk drives and CPU 463-466, 471-474
91IntelMSD DDSCL421FDD unit for MSD80 501-502
48KayproKaypro 2 PN81-014131692compact computerLuggable CPM Computer329-331
52KayproKaypro 16 PN81030262774compact computerLuggable IBM Clone342-349
6KeykodeKA101-7 Early wooden keyboard - circa Circa 1967 - a prototype?36-42
27LeadingEdgeMP1676L10991Single FDD206-211,213
28LeadingEdgeMP1676L10327Double FDD214-217
29LeadingEdgeDC3621 D3S2P2001002652030057AEarly IBM Compatible - 2 360K Floppies219-222
3Memory Management systemReneisance II Wooden comp. With 2 8" Drives2-8" Disk Drives for CP/M Computers?30-31
94MGC Medical Graphics1100A MicroLoop12820362  509-512
80Microsft Mouse    The original Microsoft Mouse in original packaging. These are truly hard to find! 
5MicrosystemFuturedata 68001415 No idea what this is..34-35
12Monroe  mechanic calculatorEarly calculator Imported from Holland/Amsterdam80
84Morrow DesignMicro design34-21723Computer 2x5.25FDD, keyboardCP/M Based computer - very old401-403
87Motorola Universal Datasystems224A7119modem 437-442
47Mountain computer inc.01-00166-01895 Expansion box for Apple II Series320-321,322-323
22NCR1023110635EmodemEarly Modem162-168
32Noname  S100 Bus Computer? Wooden Case is all we have w/ a few cards and pws243-246
9PanasonicRL-H1400 RL-P1004A RD-96473GCKE08078 3HBSA02090handheld comp, printer 47-49,171-174
56PanasonicRL-H1400 RL-P1004A RD-96473LAKE15019 4GASA12597handheld comp, printerComplete with manuals, carry case, power cords, manuals!361-365
11Protectograph 1008556checkwriterOne of the first attempts to use a printer for time saving devices and security issues. 73-78,88,140,141
89Racal-VadicVA 3451339194modem 448-453
98Radio ShackTRS 80 Color Computer 2, 2631342076022Home 8bit computer 583-591
67RadioShackTRS80, 26-6608801056Arcnet active HUB DDD
92RadioShackTRS 80 Model III1280  503-506
93RadioShackTRS 80 Model III-  507-508
66RadioShack TRS 80 IITRS80; 26-4160;0124166computer, 8'' drive , keyboard, printer, manualComplete system with monitor, 8" disk drives, manuals too!DDD
20RockwellAIM 65 R6500  Rockwell Computer - came with no external case - includes keyboard 143-150,158,159
95SHARPXL Plus PC-72027710339YSharp XT portable computer 561-567
53Sperry3070-02326965xt PC 2xFDD2-360K Drive Clone350-353
14Star103-232A ModemEarly Modem89-94,137-139
58Tandy26-33341122598128K Color Computer 3Color computer366-370
64TektronixModel 31 - OPT1B021018blue digital calculatorStores programs and results on tape, built in printer too!282-291
60TeleTypleModel 43 typewriter likeUses typewriter to communicate and print with Mainframes379-381
71TeleVideoUSR1689618A-D85; 100250Acompact computer, vinyl case, manual, 300Bd built in modemThis is a TRUE CLASSIC, may be the only portable terminal of it's kind.Complete with Carry Case and manual and 300 Baud modem!DDD
7Texas InstrumentsPHP 2700400421program recorder 43-44,52,169,170
16Texas InstrumentsSilent 7071570750462Data terminalOne of the first portable computers100-102
26Texas Instruments2265885-0001478506033accoustic modem tele type 197-205,227,228
83Texas Instruments TI 994A  In the original box with manuals and all! 
63Zenith Data Systems Co.ZFL-181-938161090602notebookClassic notebook computer, with 2" disk drive, no hard drive. 1" thick.393-399
96Zenith Data Systems Co.ZTC-3034-MO919ED002981Zenith portable computer+Power Supply 570-576

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