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The EC-1 Computer by Heathkit

Heathkit EC-1, Circa 1965 (approx) One of the very first computers ever created for the educational field, thus it was titled "The Educational Electronic Analog Computer". It had no operating system or storage capabilities, but it was still way cool... "Used widely in industry and in educational institutions, the Heathkit EC-1 is capable of solving a multitude of complex mechanical and mathematical problems with swift electronic accuracy."

No keyboard or operating system, but it was powerful for it's day!

The true arrival of keyboards and modems! The Teletype Printer.. 

A basic typewriter with no screen! but this time we have an attached modem for communications. No memory or storage, but now you could send and receive data over the phone lines!

The Anderson Jabobson RS2-32
110 baud modem (Note Wood Case) 

This unit was able to send and receive data and work with more than just one specfic computer! A true collectors item and the pre-cursor to the high speed modems of today. 

The Televideo Terminal

Is this the TRUE first portable computer (terminal)?? Very compact and lightweight, you could carry this TERMINAL anywhere you could find a mainframe! Of course it also sported a modem port, but still way before operating systems, and storage devices. 

The IBM 5051 Computer

One of the first small business computers ever made, this computer boasts 8" diskettes for storage, but still no no hard drive! It weighs a ton but at least it has an operating system and storage capabilities! NO color screen yet.. 

The IBM Personal Computer (PC)

One of the first "Personal Computer Modems" by Hayes

Transmitting at a super fast rate of 300K, you could transmit pictures in only hours, not days! Today's modems of 5,600k can transmit the same pictures in seconds. 

The first Microsft Mouse 

It was not the first Mouse, but it is one of the most important, and one that will be around for years to come, until we see voice recognition take over!

One of the very first joysticks- Gould #105 Joystick Box

One of the very first CD Rom Drives 

The Apple II Computer

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Well, that's all of the pictrues we have on this page... click here to visit our Antique Computers home page... with an aphabetical list of the collection. About 85 units in all!

Please enjoy this blast from the past..


John E. Davin

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Mystery Computer:
Compucorp Simplifier

Anyone know about this machine? Let me know! 

Thank you for your interest... 

John Davin 

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