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The Timex Sinclaire 1000

This unit has never been opened! It still till has the original price on the original shrinkwrap paper. This unit sported a 16K Ram Upgrade Module and 3 "Cassette Based" computer programs. On of my favorites! 

The Commodore Vic 20 

William Shatner (from StarTrek) told you in advertisements that your children could not could not compete in school without this computer. This was a pretty basic computer, but you could program with it! 

The Texas Instruments TI 994A

The personal home computer of your dreams... complete with cartridge based games for education and fun! Finally a computer you could convince mom and dad that you needed for school!


The IBM PC JR came with a color monitor and offered floppy and cassette based programs and storage. This unit was upgradeable but was simply not upgradeable or powerful enough to win the game against the simplicity of The Apple IIC and Macintosh, or the power and capabilities of the IBM business computer. It was not a game computer or a business computer, but something inbetween with no market. 

IBM Portable 

The Heatkit Basic Add EU801A

school digital circuit practise unit

The Intel MSD 80 Computer

Intel's Pre-MSDOS Computer. COMPLETE!!! Includes monitor, keyboard and 8" disk drives and CPU 

The Micro design computer

This CP/M Based computer (before MS DOS) had 2 5.25 inch floppy diskettes and only 7 function keys! 

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Mystery Computer:
Compucorp Simplifier

Anyone know about this machine? Let me know! 

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John Davin 

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