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The Rockwell Computer AIM 65 R6500

came with no external case -you were expected to build or purchase your own! The unit did include a keyboard and expansion slots however!

The Modem Star

Early Modem  - this is the modem that required a handset from a phone to operate!

The Model 31 - OPT1 

Stores programs and results on tape, built in printer too!

The RL-H1400

handheld comp, with printer

Datavue 25

 Portable computer with infrared, detatchable keyboard - one of the first computers to have this option, similar to the IBM PC JR

The Geneva H101A

Geneva Portable computer

The Simplifier Series 600

2xFDD unit - all we have is the unit itself. This one is hard to find any information about..

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Well, that's all of the pictrues we have on this page... click here to visit our Antique Computers home page... with an aphabetical list of the collection. About 85 units in all!

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John E. Davin
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Interesting Reading:

"The Computer Hobbyist Magazine" started in 1977!

One of the first resources for home computer users.


6100 Anyone?

8080 Programming

It's Built, now what?
(RE Imsai 8080!)

Computer Widow
(they even had that problem in 1977!)

First of it's kinds..

The first Joystick?

The first Keyboard?

The first MS Mouse?

The first Modem?

The first Portable?

Mystery Computer:
Compucorp Simplifier

Anyone know about this machine? Let me know! 

Thank you for your interest... 

John Davin 

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