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With John Davin from MyNewOffice.com!

Are you interested in restoring, collecting, buying or selling antique computers? If so, my name is John Davin, and I'd like to team up with you to collect, preserve and display any computer you consider a collectible computer.

Along these lines, I have started a modest collection of personal computers and enjoy buying, selling and trading. If you enjoy this type of history, please join our antique discussion by sending e-mail to: pcclassics-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Here is my favorite computer, the Timex Sinclair. The box has never been opened, as you can see.

Regarding the collection, please remember that I am having fun collecting without spending a lot of money, and you can too!

Now, here are a few of the first office machines, before we move on to the true computers.

The first Adding Machines... The Monroe calculator!

The first step to automate the counting process. Complete with subtracting and division tools.

The First Printed Checks

One of the first attempts to write checks with a machine! This is not a true computer, but it's a very good example of how we began on the road of printing from machines for accuracy.

The CPT Visual Memory ROTARY III

The first attempt to link the typewriter to a monitor for "editing" purposes. A simple toggle switch decided if information typed went to the screen or the printer. If sent to the screen, a toggle switch could be moved to clear the buffer and send the data to the printer. Talk about High Tech.

The Nutronics Keykode KA101-7 Wooden Keyboard

The arrival of the first keyboards... you really need to view these pictures full screen to see how they were made from wood and the soldering that was a bit less pretty than today's standards! But it worked, and that's all that matters. Click here for more pictures.

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Well, that's all of the pictrues we have on this page... click here to visit our Antique Computers home page... with an aphabetical list of the collection. About 85 units in all!

Please enjoy this blast from the past..


John Davin

Please contact me with questions or comments!

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Articles about the collection.

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The actual collection

"The Computer Hobbyist Magazine" started in 1977!

One of the first resources for home computer users.


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(RE Imsai 8080!)

Computer Widow
(they even had that problem in 1977!)

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Mystery Computer:
Compucorp Simplifier

Anyone know about this machine? Let me know!

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Thank you for your interest...

John Davin

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