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Topic: Remote Control of your computer and on-line seminars.

(How to access your computer, applications and data from any location or computer to work, make sales or support clients or your team.)

Working from home, the future of remote control computing... 

The last chapter of our book exained how you will work. Now here is where you will work. The true utility of having our applications on the Internet is that you are no longer tied to an office. For example, all of the work you currently do in your office, you can now do during a business trip - at a remote office, motel or beach house! All you need is access to the Internet. And with wireless modems, that can be just about anywhere, inside or outside!

In fact,
some estimates show that there will be some 60 million web sites built in the next 2 years and we more of them will be these "personal web sites" as more and more "traditional desktop" applications are migrated to the Internet. Just think about this for a minute and how fast things are changing, for the better. We've always accessed our e-mail via the Internet, but now we've adding our scheduler, address book, word processor and more to our array of tools we can use 24 hours per day, from anywhere in the world! That s quite amazing and quite useful.

Working and training others via the Internet.

Here's one of my favorite quotes. "I simply don't want to quit working just because I am not at my office's physical location, or because I did not bring along my computer. Wherever I have access to the Internet, I have access to my office!"

John Davin 2000

Of course this concept is not new. I was able to connect to other computers way back in 1981 with 300 baud modems. In fact, we have always been able to control computers remotely via phone lines and modem. However, the systems were usually slow and tied up 2 expensive phone lines, one on each of the computers. So it was not a viable solution and certainly not used by the average computer user.

With the advent of the Internet however, that has changed. We will certainly see all applications Internet enabled in the near future and we will have more freedom to use our computers wherever we want. This will mean more options for us for where we want to work and when we want to work.
Many of us will work from home and have a more flexible lifestyle. Many of us may never even meet our bosses or go to an office. Many more of us will even be self-employed, selling our wares directly on the Internet.

In fact, I believe that some day, the computer will replace the phone, even for sales calls and other uses such as training. We will make our sales pitches from our computers, like we do from the phone today. We will demonstrate products and services live through a website on the Internet, complete with sound and pictures. We will even be able to operate the customer's computer from our computer, so we can take the customer to our web site and show them what we want them to see, learn or order, or do.

Did you already know that software is already available today? Well it is and we'll tell you all about it and how to use it. We'll also use this software and the Internet to allow others to access our computers to install new software, make repairs to our computer and more. One of the best uses will be showing us how to operate our computers, but that's for a later book. For now, let's look at one example of this type of software from
Talking Communities.

If you were in our seminar using this software now, we'd simply show you how the following software works. For now, let's cover a few of the programs that are available to the traveler today. Just remember, the goal is to:

Automate everything you do with your Internet office...
There are many reasons you need this software.
  1. When you're on vacation, just to check your e-mail, to do list or calendar!
  2. Operating your computer from a customer's location to create a quote or other use.
  3. Operating your computer at work, or the other way, from home.

In addition, are you tired of unhooking your computer and taking it to the technician to have it fixed?

Now the computer technician can actually operate and diagnose your computer without actually being at your computer, and:

1. Install new software.
2. Troubleshoot your computer
3. Teach you how to use your computer.
4. A dozen other useful applications come to mind, and all of this is now possible with new software that allows a technician or trainer to access and operate your computer via the Internet!
That's it for now.
Thanks for reading! See you online.
John Davin.

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