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Free anti-virus check for your computer and more solutiosn to protect your computer!

Let's get started!

I am sure many of us have been scared (or worse) by the threats of computer viruses. In fact, in about 1985, I lost my entire hard drive and all my important information to a malicious virus. I was too busy to install the latest, greatest anti-virus update, as I thought it would always be somebody else that had a problem. Now, after owning a retail computer store and servicing over 1,800 customers, I know better.

It's not always somebody you don't know, sometimes it is your friends or even you! The sad part is, viruses are easy to avoid if you take the right precautions.

Here's a great place to start. Give your PC a FREE checkup while you surf the Web! HouseCall is a demonstration of the power of Web-based technologies that Trend Micro is developing to make deployment and management of virus protection in corporate settings fast and easy.

The software will find any malicious files and notify you of the files as well as help you clean them or delete them from your computer.

Of course you should already own an Antivirus software package that runs in the background and regularly checks your computer for viruses as well as checking all new e-mails and files you download to your computer.

But if you don't, start with this easy to use solution and seriously consider purchasing the upgrade from one of the vendors listed below. You should be worried about the safety of your data on your computer right now, however, so take just a few minutes to run this software now. Then as we mentioned, if you'd like a (some are even free) Antivirus software package to protect your computer 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, try these solutions.

Scan your computer for viruses, now, free!

Additional sources of Antivirus software solutions.


Trend Micro
AntiVir Personal Edition (free as Freeware)

You have my best and warmest wishes for success.

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