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Our seminar topic:

Computer backups

Why backups are important to your business.
Sample solutions and forms you can use to back up your data.
How to use the Internet to automate the process.

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Here is an outline for a recent short seminar on the importance of backups, and solutions.

Hello from John Davin and MyNewOffice. Today we will be talking about why you need to back up the data and files on your computer and how to do it economically and regularly.

As many of you know, I operated a retail computer store for 20+ years before becoming a full time writer and business consultant, and now work entirely from my home and my new office - specifically my computer and the Internet! My job now is ot talk about the many steps and tools you can implement to start, organize or even tune up any business. Regular backups are another key to a successful business from two angles.

1. Preventing distasters.
2. Distaster recovery.

During the past 20 years of working with computers, I've seen some very ugly results of not backing up computer data regularly. Believe me, it's easier to work on preventing disasters than recovering from them.

So today we will be discussing the importance of computer backups and how to to perform them. That is, the backup of the critical information on your computer. Then taking the next step of actually safely storing that same critical information. Information that you probably know you need to back up, but never get around to doing. I hope to change all of that today.

For a few simple reasons.

- If you are a student, can you imagine losing your thesis?

- If you are a photographer, can you imagine losing all the pictures that you took with your digital camera?
- If you are in business, can you imagine not knowing who owes you money? Or how much customers owe you?

In fact, did you know that a majority of businesses that lose their business data do not recover and eventually go out of business?

It really makes you think, doesn't it!

Well, think about it just a bit more. Here are just a few more of the "Must have" items that you probably have stored on your computer for your business.

- Your payroll information for next week.
- The accounts payable for your company, due next week.
- The names and phone numbers of all of your business contacts.
- The Inventory list for your business, for fulfilling orders and for tax reasons.
- Additional past and future tax records - like W2, 1099's, State sales tax and more.

Now, I know we're all think about backing up our computers after hearing this, but sometimes it is just  too late.

I know. While owning and operating a retail computer store and repair shop for 20+ years, I've seen some pretty bizarre things. Just for fun, I'd like to use the old "Bad news, good news,  and even back to bad news again," format to explain these items.

1. The bad news. A banker I worked with 20 years ago formatted his hard drive when the computer asked, "WARNING! WARNING! Are you sure you want to format drive c:? Do you wish to continue?". He had said yes. The good news: There is a command that UNFORMATS a hard drive for you. The bad news: It did not exist before my banker friend formatted his entire hard drive. He lost  all of his banking information, his personal records and more.

2. The bad news: One of my clients' computers was stolen from a lab at the University. The good news: The had made backups of the data - their thesis and other important lab data.  The bad news. The thieves stole the backup disks that were next to the computer.

3. The bad news:  A friend of mine inserted a diskette in her computer, and then was called away to answer the phone. When she returned, somehow, someway, someone took the disk out of her disk drive with her financial information. The disk literally disappeared! The good news: We finally found the diskette with all the data on it. The bad news: We did not find it until 2 years later when upgrading the computer.  Somehow the 5.25 disk was pushed in-between the floppy drive and the cd Rom drive. My friend had to duplicate all the accounting work she had done. A true story.

My point is, you never know what is going to happen to your computer or the data on your computer.

What are your solutions? Well, you can plan regular backups on floppy, cd Rom, USB hard drive or other media. Which is good. But then you still have to:

1. Make sure it gets done.
2. Get the backups off site, so in case of a disaster, the backup are not stolen, burned or otherwise destroyed.

The best solution: Backup your important files, pictures and data to the Internet!

Why? Well, it's performed:

1. Automatically so that you don't forget.
2. At night when you are not using your computer.
3. It is secure because you are the only person who has access to the data.
(However, you can set up shared directories and send out passwords to friends or business colleagues).

In addition:

-You can retrieve the backup any time you like.
-You can select specific files, like new files or ones that have changed since the last time you used them.
- This makes it easy to keep backups of your new digital pictures and accounting records current, with no effort. -
-You can use the storage on the Internet as your own local drive, so copying information there is fast and easy.

The solution I recommend is Xdrive.

- You can store files on-line. Documents, music, photos, software and more.
- You can access them anywhere, anytime. Via a web browser or the special Xdrive desktop software. That means the drive looks like another drive on your computer, like A, C, D, E, etc.
- You can distribute files and folders with friends and family.
- It acts as a backup for you... so you automatically protect your data against viruses and crashes. And the other unusual disasters I talked about earlier.

You can even try a 500MB  X drive for free. Just test drive a full featured Xdrive for 15 days. It's easy and you can get started immediately, as registration takes only a few minutes. There are no hassles and no commitment. You may cancel at any time.

Now, here are a few testimonials for the xdrive program!

ZD Net says" Xdrive dominated our lab's usability deathmatch,".

John Davin says, "Use whatever computer you can afford. Use your PC, XT, 286, 386, Pentium 133, etc. if you need to save money, but make sure you spend the money to back up your important data regularly, with Xdrive!"

Best regards and happy computing....

John Davin.

PS: If you do decide to do your own backups, please be sure to follow this format:

[ ] Plan backups of your computer data...

[ ] Sign up for a backup service for your important data via the Internet.

[ ]
Backup via the Internet and backup your most important files on a regular basis automatically!

Company _____________________________ Contact Name ______________________________________

Website: ______________________________________ Phone # ________________________ ext._______

[ ] Cost per month: $______________ Includes _____________ MB [ ] Cost per MB $ ________________

User Name: _______________________________ Password _________________________

Scheduled backup times:

M _________ T__________ W ___________ T ___________ F __________ S__________ S ____________

Click here for a form for scheduling of backups:

You have my best and warmest wishes for success.

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Backup forms and schedules (when you are ready to do your backups, please do use these forms and other services to back up your data.

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