Professional Business Card Solutions
How to develop a professional, confidence inspiring,
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Business Card Solutions:

Your image is everything. Be sure to have professional business cards on hand all the time. Here are a few of our favorite resources for business card solutions.

You have three basic options for business cards.

Design and print your own.
Ask for 250 Free business Cards
Get a quote for a design of your business cards.

Need a professional logo fast?
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More about creating your own business cards on your computer:

You can also consider creating and printing your business cards on your computer. You simply purchase a software program that has built in card templates and follow the prompts. Such as what is your name, your address, phone number, web site, e-mail address, and what image (logo) do you wish to use to represent your business?

Then you simply purchase the perforated business cards from the vendor, place them in your printer, tell the program how many copies to make, and sit back while the printer prints your business cards. Then you simply fold along the perforated lines and you have your new business cards.

The great part of this is you can have as many different business cards for different sales people or businesses as you like without having to spend large amounts of money on new business cards all the time!
Again, as with letterhead, this allows you to use the same business card design for multiple businesses, persons, office departments or physical locations within a business!

Where to order supplies tocreate your own business cards on your computer:

You can find business card templates here from Microsoft.

When you're ready to print your card, purchase your blank sheets here. (Easily Search for the Product you Need - Tech Depot by Office Depot)

You may decide however that you need more professional cards, and decide to take one of these options:

Free business cards:

A great place to Visit for your free business cards is Vistaprint. You simply choose the template you like, pay a small shipping fee, and the company will send you 250 free, quality business cards. I currently use these cards, and they are the best cards I have ever had. Give it a try!

Visiting a professional printer locally.

One of the best ways to create a personal business card is to have it created and printed locally. If you are wanting to demonstrate your creative skills or want to be in control, of course you can create your business card (or whatever marketing materials you have) yourself on your computer and then send it via e-mail to the local printing company where they can print it on their high quality printers.

But whatever you do, be sure to have a quality logo :)

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