Contact Managers
Who you talked to, when you talked to them, how and when to reach them again.

In any kind of business, you need be able to track your contacts, for sales, vendors and other contacts. You need to know who you talked to, when you talked to them, when you should follow up with them again, and then how to quickly reach them, via phone, cell phone, fax, e-mail or even your e-zine or newsletter.

Here are a few tools that will automate the process. Some of the programs run on your pc, some are based on the Web so you can access them anywhere, anytime. Even if they are on your local computer, you can still
set up your computer for access from any other computer, with these tools.

Here we go with a few of our favorite contact managers.

Microsoft Outlook
ACT- Activity Contact Manager

But our favorite package for anyone who needs a contact manager and auto-reponder and newsletter manager is called Postmaster. Read all about it below.

Post-master - what it does to automate your life.

As I've mentioned, one of my goals in life has been to organize my customer list and automate my marketing campaign with a newsletter and tickler system.

A few months ago, I discovered a program called Post-Master. Post-master is my dream come true - an automated marketing system, including an address book, tickler system and an automated e-mail responder, which is in effect my new, automated newsletter or e-zine!

The software tracks the following information for me:

·Phone numbers
·E-mail addresses
·Birthdays and special events
·Personal information, such as names of spouse, children etc.
·When I should follow up with the prospect with a letter
·A chronological list of when I talked to the customer and what we discussed, going back in time as long as I wish!

I enter all the information about the customer one time, and it's there forever. If I can't remember how to spell a contact's name, I simply enter the first few characters of their last name or e-mail address, and it pops up with all the names that start with those characters.

There are certainly many contact managers available today, but the benefits of this program is the fact that I can then sort or search by most of the above fields and market to each of those sorts or searches via e-mail and my e-zine, or e-newsletter!

Here's a summary of the program,  and we'll talk about the e-mail e-zines at the end of the review.

The address book:

The address book tracks all of the details as mentioned above for addresses and phone numbers, etc. If I'm not at home with my computer but need to work,  I set up my computer at home for remote control, so I can call my computer via modem and then I can access the information from my computer at work! If you choose the Internet based version, you can access your information from any Internet ready computer. What a time saver and convenience if you travel!

The tickler system:

The notes section will allow me to track when I talked to the client and what I talked to them about! The system allows me to keep almost unlimited notes in a word processor type application that automatically enters the date when I open the file, and allows me to enter in the data. Every time I open that respective contact, say John Davin, the system moves the oldest data to the bottom, and I can enter new information at the top.

Here's how it looks, with the oldest contact information at the bottom of the file.

And here's how you should track the customer information, with the oldest news at the bottom of the page.

Notes for Bill Smith:


Bill finally signed up for for my business! Glad I kept sending him e-mail via my new automated e-mail responder. He'll thank me later! Guess I better enter his name in the automated e-mail newsletter for people who've signed up to help him build his business!


Talked to Bill, said now is not a good time financially. He has e-mail now. Cool. Still keep him on the list he says. Entered him in post-master for the free newsletter. He'll get 52 messages over the next year, one each week telling him about a new aspect of the program. We'll keep working on him, since it's just a matter of entering his name in the database.


Talked to Bill about my business AGAIN. He said wait 6 months, so I will.

Asked me to fax him more information, he does not have e-mail yet. Ouch.

6 -1-1999

Talked to Bill about signing up for my new business. He said no for today, but said I should contact him again later. He wants me to fax him more information. Have put it in my task manager/scheduler for tomorrow. Wish I had an easier way to send him this data.

The scheduler:

The scheduler keeps track of my meetings. I simply look at the calendar, choose the day and time of the meeting, and set a timer to go off on that date. Easy to use, it saves you a lot of time and a lot of embarrassment from forgetting meetings. I also use it as my tickler system for sales.

The tickler system:

It's important to realize the importance of special events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. In any marketing campaign, you want the customer to feel that you know him or her, that they and their family are important to you. What better way to do so than to automatically send them an e-mail birthday card each year? When you add your customer in your post-master system, be sure to ask them for this information so you can start the process correctly right from the beginning. Enter the date of their birthday as a  flag so that on that day, you get a notice telling you to contact them.

There are plenty of programs that will allow you to send a free birthday or  anniversary card, right from the Internet, at no cost to you. You might even go so far as to enter them in a program like that takes care of the project for you. It's too easy, for such a kind thought. You should feel guilty for considering this easy to use marketing tool!

The automated e-mail responder and e-zine manager.

The real beauty of this program is the ability to set it up as an e-mail responder and subsequently an automated e-zine and (e-mail based newsletter).

Everything is completely automated, from start to finish. I can tell the system to check my e-mail, and look for key words. For example, if it sees the words "subscribe newsletter", then the system automatically grabs their name and e-mail address, and does 3 things.

First of all, it automatically sends them a welcome e-mail letter, with information about how to get a free website with coolebiz! Next, it adds their name to the category called "newsletter". Finally, the system starts sending the customer a series of  e-mail messages, automatically, without me even knowing about it! Here's an example of how I write one of the messages that the system will send out to the prospect!


Why would you need this system?

Well, first of all, you can automatically maintain, track and contact all of your prospects and customers from one program. In addition, all of your scheduling tools and appointments are in one program and one location. Even if you're out of the office or on vacation, you can still access it via the Internet if you purchase the version of the software that is stored on the Internet. Now you're able to access it anytime you have access to the Internet, from any location! But that's just the beginning! What we've mentioned so far is great, but keep reading, it gets better.

Why do I like the system?

That's easy. I can set up as many different message categories as I like, which means I can maintain as many different mailing lists, autoresponders and e-zines as I need, which is of course one for each affiliate program! I can even copy members of one group to another, and quickly send them all an e-mail by simply sending e-mail to the group. Remember how I said it's just as easy and the cost is the same to send e-mail to one person as it is 10,000? That's because I own Postmaster!

Finally, if you've studied sales and marketing, you may know that you have to make contact with the average person 7 times before they make a purchase from you. Of course it's worth your time to make a lot of long distance calls if you're selling an item with a huge markup, or building a downline, but usually it is not cost effective. A better plan is to take the time to create an e-mail based newsletter for your customer list and start sending out a free weekly or monthly newsletter!

This will help build new business and repeat business. If you also have customers and downline members who are not very active, you will be surprised at how your customers and downline members come alive and start showing interest again, and how many sales you and your team will start to make. You simply need to keep your products and services in front of them on a regular basis, with free educational and motivational. Everyone likes free stuff too, right? If you can throw in some specials or freebies that would be great too.

In the old days, you had one product and sales was a numbers game. You had to take a lot of "No"s to get a "Yes", a sale. But with new technology like Postmaster (if you work it right) you start out making contacts as friends, feeding them free information along the way. By the time you hit them with a hard core request for a sale, you've already sent this person dozens of messages about you, your ideas on quality products and service, and the prospect already knows you and trust you. They have a much higher probability of trusting you at your word that this is a sound program or product, and probably will sign up right away if they need the service or product.

Of all the marketing programs you could implement, this is the number one program that will provide results both in the short run and the long run. It's a priority. Buy it now, learn it,  implement it to educate and motivate your team and your customers, and reap the rewards!

Because the program automatically sends out the letters for you, and all you have to do is study the new products on the marketplace, write articles about the programs, copy them to Postmaster, and send out a regular, automated, professional newsletter with interesting information for the users, why would you not do it?


The basic premise is that you educate your prospective clients, giving away free, valuable information, and then be ready to close the sale.  It's about building relationships and keeping in touch with those relationships. Of course there are many marketing plans, but the one we present here is one of the very best ways to market for repeat sales on the Internet. In this plan, the true goal should be to provide free information and education about a topic or product at no cost, thereby introducing yourself to the customer, allowing your company to establish credibility with the customer for the company and its products, then is ready, willing and able to deliver a quality product when the customer is ready to buy. That's the goal. Follow that rule and you've made a sale!

Now here's my closing and favorite thought regarding the Internet.

Where else (but on the Internet) can you open a new store or second location for your business at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar building, be open almost overnight, be open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, reduce your overhead, reduce the number or required employees, accept credit card payments electronically, market inexpensively to millions, drop ship products you don't even carry in inventory - the very next day, then mine customer data to create latent sales, and possibly become a millionaire? Only on the Internet!

How true! Now, if we've told you a bit more than you wanted to know about this Internet Marketing thing, we're sorry, but it's all very simple. It' about simplifying and automating everything you do, and letting the money come to you!

You might also be interested in our free "How to start a business on the Internet," worksheet, which is attached to the back of this book.

If you do not see it here, you can find it at our main site at It has many free business tools, including everything you read about in this book and hundreds more, complete with links to the sites of the business tools. Some of the business tools also allow you to get them at no cost when you give referrals, another bonus.

Questions? Contact me!

John Davin

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