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Welcome to our seminar to discuss
how to use these business tools together!



Our seminar topic:

Promotional items for your business.
(coffee cups, hats, shirts, bumper stickers, more!)

Promote your company 24/7!
Let others promote your company!
Earn extra income selling items for other companies!
Earn extra income selling items that promote your company!

Here's just one example!

Tired of promoting other people? Promote yourself!
(Open your own promotional items store in minutes, to promote you - free!

Are you tired of promoting other people? Me too! My wife has guess jeans, I have a rams football cap, a local bank coffee cup, and I what hurts is that we even had to buy the products to promote someon else's company!

You've probably also read that you need to honk your own horn in business each and every day in every way, and I think we should all change the items we use daily and start to promote our own companies and agendas.

And this program is free regarless of what items you sell, from a tangible product to music, software or artwork.

Here's how to get started.

Open your own on-line promotional items for your business, focusing on your company. CafePress will create your very own web site, create the items using the logo you send them, accept the payments and drop ship the product right to the customer. Even if the customer is you!

Best of all, it does not cost you a dime to create your own store to promote yourself. You already wear clothes, drive a car, drink out of cups, right? And you might know people who would like a hat with your company name on it, whether they buy it from your web site or you give it to them as a Christmas gift, right? Right.

Here are a few TOP REASONS to promote yourself, not someone else.

* You're losing sales (money)!
* These items truly make great gifts. For clients and family.
* You're spending your money on advertising somewhere else that might not be as effective.
* You can just as easily let others wear and use your promotional items and promote you and your company.

In addition:

* It costs you absolutely nothing to get started.
* You can earn money from each and every sale.
* You can even sell the items at cost and not earn a profit if you like.
* You can even sell items for other companies from your site and earn money.

But again, you should focus on your company first.

All you have to do is decide you want professional looking shirts, hats, coffee cups and more, and sign up! Like I say, you can do this even if you don't want to spend a dime setting it up. They create the web site, collect the money, ship the items and even pay you a commission if you mark up the items. How can you beat that?

Here's what I say to people about buying my items on my site:

" I want to thank you for ordering items with MyNewOffice.com logo on them for
your own use. We appreciate it that you enjoy being part of our community, and we appreciate you sharing our community with others."

How would you promote your new on-line store? There have to be many, many ways.

Here is your online store solution! Create your own store to promote yourself here!


* Promote your company 24/7!
* Let others promote your company!
* Earn extra income selling items for other companies!
* Earn extra income selling items that promote your company! !

It truly is an inexpensive way to promote your own company, in many ways. I wish this company had been around years ago when I had my retail computer store! Now, what do you want to promote?

Best regards,

John Davin

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John Davin


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