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An interview with The CTO of Xdrive.com, Lucas McGregor to talk about ways to use xdrive as a tool to back up data from your computer to the Internet and to even share files throught the Internet. Listen to the archived interview here!

Lucas McGregor $FREE/ENTER


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Getting free business help from Score, and the SBA Open, apply here! $35.00
How to acquire business tools such as a logo, business cards, etc. John Davin
How to purchase the right computer and the best business software applications. Open, apply here!
The advantages of giving presentations and seminars through the Internet.
Open, apply here!
Automation in the sales department: e-mail responders, e-zines, etc. Open, apply here!
How to write a press release, or find someone else to do it for you. Open, apply here!
How to write your own e-book or e-zine. John Davin

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