Finally, here is a business guide you can follow each day to start and organize your business right the first time!

Best regards,

John Davin
Business/Organization Coach

Startup Tools and Resources:

Startup assistance.
Forms for your business.
Posters for your business.
Business insurance solutions.
Financing and credit reports.
Trademarks, copyrights, etc.,

Business Tools - where to find them and how to use them.

Business logos.
Business cards.
Letterhead on pc.
Checking accounts.
Merchant accounts.
Business credit cards.
Point of sale solutions.
Product shipping solutions.
Accounting software solutions.
On-line background checks.
Label printing software.

Internet Based Business Tools:

Setting up your online Calendars.
Setting up y our Online "To do" lists.
Setting up your Instant Messaging ID.
Setting up your online contact managers.
Setting up your system for faxing from the Internet.
Accepting payments via Paypal/Clickbank.
Setting up your merchant account.
Accepting checks Online.

Communications Business Tools:

Cell Phones.
Long Distance.
Internet Access.
Company wide e-mail.
Conferencing via the Internet

Computer Systems

Buying a new pc.
Warranty options.
Registering software.
Tracking serial numbers.

Computer Software

Spread sheet.
Word processor.
Desktop publisher.
Label printing software.

Complete office suite packages.

Download NEW Software NOW - without waiting!

Free Computer Software

Adobe Acrobat.
File compression.
Tax filing software (personal)

10 Ways to qualify for free software.

Computer Training

Computer training online.
Sources of certifications.

Computer Protection and Support

Virus Protection.
Hacker Protection.
Computer backups.
24 Hr. Technical Support.

Time Saving Tools

Label printing software.
Print stamps directly on your printer.

Offer live demos and training via the Internet.

Marketing Tools

Web Site Creation

Basic Info.
Site hosting.
Domain names.
Domain appraisals.
Web site graphics.
Web site templates.
Register domain name.

Web Site Promotions

Search engine submittals.
Search engine "key words".
Pay per click search engines.
Banner exchanges in your site.
Setting up a counter on your site.
Setting up a guest book for your site.
Choosing the correct Metatags for your site.

Internet Marketing Tools

Creating your own newsletter (e-zine).
Creating your own e-book to distribute.
24 Hr. marketing machine (e-mail responders).

Getting leads for your web site, newsletter, e-zine, etc.

Related web ring links.
Prequalified leads.
Opt-In Lists

Marketing Tools - Standard Advertising Tools:

Trade journals.
Press Releases.
Join networking clubs.
Advertise in newspapers.
Perform speaking engagements.
Write articles for newspapers/magazines.
Sales Letters - - view hundreds of examples that work!

Expanding your business and your horizons.

Open new markets with the Government.
Open new markets by exporting your products.

Tools to follow up.

Send out a newsletter via the net.
Send greeting cards via the Internet.
Create polls for your clients or vendors.
Offer live demos and training via the Internet.

Work At Home Tools.

Remote control of your pc.
Ways to accept payments via the Internet.
Ways to offer live demos, sales and training via the Internet.

Best of all, you'll have a way to track all of the information about your business!

Just print out the 32 page document and write down all of the information about your business as you go. Now all of your passwords, phone numbers, account information, assets and more are in one easy to find place.

That's because the system is:

A guide to starting any business.

A solution for tracking important information about any business.

A directory for the computer and business tools you need to automate and simplify your business and your life.

Need more help? We have more than one way to help you.

If you're a member of our club, you can join us on-line and visit with fellow business owners about any questions you may have about your business.

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2) Our complete checklist for business success.
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Top tips and tools for creating your own web site.
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Tips for marketing business and your web site.
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How to utilize free software and Internet based services!
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As a member, you'll also have access to our newsletter that covers new topics of interest to business owners as we come across them. A terrific way to keep up to date on new technology.

As a member, you'll also have access to our online seminars. Need help setting up these dozens of powerful tools and services? Join our live demos and training via the Internet?! We've implemented some pretty high tech software that allows us to demonstrate how to set up these tools, live via the Internet! You simply join us in our tour and we take you around the Internet to demo the solutions you need.

So, if you need more help, and you are a member, you can just ask for it and get it, live, via the Internet!

But I won't just tell you how to use all these cool resources and tools to start or expand a business or automate your life.

  I'll give you a live demonstration of how it works via the Internet. I look forward to seeing you there and showing you how to automate your business and your life!

That's just how easy it is.

J.D. Davin


Most business consultants charge $50-$150 per hour! If you get just one great time saving or money making idea per month with this system, or save an hour of your own time looking for a solution to a business need, you're way, way ahead of the game.

I'm looking forward to visiting with you about your business needs soon! J.D.

Copyright (C) 1981, 2003 John E. Davin

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