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These are the minimum tools you need for your pc.

  • PC Orion - Spyware Killer


    For the past year, I was having problems with the speed of my new computer, so I continually ran two very popular and recommended packages regualarly. Actually, , thought I had my spyware problem under control. But it was always in the back of my mind that my computer was really fast as it was the first few days I owned it.

    Then I found a program that allowed me to have a free scan to see if I still had spyware on my pc... look at the attached print out to see what I found! 109 files that were still infected, plus a dozen or so programs that were still were still in my registry and loading and running every time I turned on my computer.

    SCARY. My computer was running unbearable slow, I was wasting precious minutes every time I used my computer, and people were tracking everything I did on the Internet. Perhaps even my keystrokes to steal my credit card numbers or worse yet, my Identity.

    Of course most of these programs get on your computer with out you even knowing, but another frustrating part is I recognize many of these programs because I remember installing AND uninstalling them! So know I know that when you install all these handy little utilities like Gator to track passwords or programs to help with e-mail or keep track of the weather, even if you unintall them, they may not be gone! They are still in your pc, waiting to spy on you and they do in fact slow down your pc.

    I can't believe how much faster my computer is now and how much more fun it is to work, play and surf. In fact, some of my programs such as my web conferncing programs did not work correctly until I ran this program.

    Everyone needs to run this software, immediately.

    John Davin

    View how badly my computer was infected here...

    Try a free scan here!

    (you don't have to buy it, but it's great to know)

  • Avast - Virus protection software -

    "If you use your computer, you need to protect yourself and anyone you come in contact with from viruses.."

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    Get it here...

  • Talking Communities Web Conferencing Software

    "The basics of 'How to use our web based conference rooms'."

    Increase customer sales, satisfaction and additional sales by giving on-line instruction, seminars and support through an inexpensive new business tool (solution) that allows you to voice chat, share web sites, record and play back presentations, all with just one piece of software and a headset. Set up your free seminar or event here!

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    Get it here...

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe acrobat allows you to read many documents created on different operating systems in different programs without you needing to own those operating systems of sofware packages.

    Listen/Learn here.
    Get it here.

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