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Here are my goals for has one goal. To earn enough money to continue to provide more self help and business web pages and books and links to resources on the Internet that will provide self help for everyone who wishes to visit this site.

So of course can help you use the Internet to simplify and enhance your life by expanding your business knowledge, your computer knowledge and your business skills.

But the main goal is to support and encourage you by introducing you to self help services and resources on the Internet, then to encourage you to "Pass it on" as a mentor yourself!

I hope along the way that many of our readers will also read our section about mentoring and
find knowledge about God's plan for them.

I also hope my goal to mentor with others myself is evident by the topics listed here. Education, Certification, Employment, Business Help, Safe Computing, Retirement Plans, Repairing Bad Credit, Resources for Senior Citizens and finally, passing it on as a mentor to mention just a few.

In summary, you can see we provide information on a variety of categories, all leading to one goal. To help each other and to pass it on.

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We do accept cash, but you need to know, this is not a donation for tax purposes, as I am not a nonprofit organization.

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So, at least for now, this is a for profit organization and if you own a business and want to write off your subscription to our business and education newsletter and Internet site, please do so!

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IF God is willing, some day I could see offering every bit of information on this site for free, but for now, it is good to have a way to earn income as a business and we'll just have to wait and see where we end up.


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