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  "To make your computer the fun, time saving, money making tool the computer salesperson (me) said it would be!"

Luckily for you, attaining your business goals will be easier for you now than at any other time in history. Simply because you are lucky enough to have access to the most powerful tools ever invented for learning and to organize, automate, market and grow any business.

By the way, that computer sales person who loved telling you all about all the exciting things you can do with a computer might have been me! I believe dreams DO come true for those who take action.

Here are the resources and services you'll need to use the Internet as your very own office, to automate, simplify and increase your profits!


With the Internet as your new office, you will dramatically increase your productivity and profits because you will have a new and better understanding and appreciation for the Internet and computer technology.

Best of all, we will walk you through the process every step of the way! If you have questions, you can visit with us in the discussion area to learn more about your interests.

That's because MyNewOffice(.com) is more than just buying a computer and using the Internet. It's a full blown introduction to computers and the Internet, along with complete instructions on how to use the Internet as your new office of the future!

"Where else (but on the Internet) can you open a new store or second location for your business at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar building, be open almost overnight, be open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, reduce your overhead, reduce the number or required employees, market your product inexpensively to millions, accept credit card payments electronically, drop ship products you don't even carry in your inventory the very next day, mine customer data to create latent sales, and possibly become a millionaire? Only on the Internet!"

John Davin 2000
Now, let's get started! - the table of contents for automating your life!

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SECTION 1 --- Put your life on autopilot.
SECTION 2 --- Our checklist for success.
SECTION 3 --- Introduction to computers.
SECTION 4 --- Introduction to "The Internet".
SECTION 5 --- Introduction to Internet Web sites.
SECTION 6 --- Tools for creating your own web site.
SECTION 7 --- Tools for marketing your new website.
SECTION 8 --- Making money with affiliate based programs.
SECTION 9 --- Self help - education, employment, retirement, more.
SECTION 10--- Become a mentor, helping others and then even yourself.
SECTION 11--- Forms for all purposes, from income taxes to computing.
SECTION 12--- Related books, tapes, resources, seminars and more.

Bonus Chapters and checklists:

Stop paying for expensive software!
Link to our top 25 software applications
Links and review of our Top 10 free Internet tools
A simple checklist for what belongs on your web site.

Related glossaries and terminology

Sharing this book with others and making money.

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Top ten ways to simplify your life for increased sales, profits and leisure time.
  1. Plan your life by writing two solid business plans.
    1. A business plan for your business.
    2. A business plan for the rest of your life.
  2. Automate everything you do with a personalized, mobile Internet office.
    1. Set up the links on your desktop to all of your specialized internet tools. Then:
      1. Send and receive color faxes, free, via the net!
      2. Integrate your e-mail and voice mail into one.
      3. Set up an Internet based answer machine with your e-mail.
      4. Set up an e-commerce based web site, to sell products on-line.
      5. Set up your to do list on the Internet for instant access 24/7
      6. Set up your calendar on the Internet for instant access 24/7.
      7. Set up on-line chat an discussion boards to keep in touch.
      8. Share documents with empoloyees, employers, customers.
      9. Keep in touch with customers, vendors and more instantly.
      10. Set up work vacations as often as you can, even with your family!
  3. Make it very easy for people to get information from and about you.
    1. Save time and money with a self-serve business so to speak. Includes dynamnic and static information.
      1. References.
      2. Product lines.
      3. Phone numbers.
      4. e-mail addresses.
      5. Customer support.
      6. Directions (maps).
      7. Any other good info.
      8. Check our list of what belongs on a web site too.
  4. Make it very clear to others what you do and what you do and do not sell.
    1. Explain what you sell, very clearly.
    2. Also post what you don't do or sell. It can save time for unwanted calls.
    3. Post it on your web site, business cards, e-mail responder, e-mail and more.
  5. Make it even easier for your customers to buy products and services from you.
    1. Provide testimonials, and any articles about you or by you to build credibility.
    2. Provide referrals from anyone who knows you and the prospective customer.
    3. Provide all necessary ordering information on your fax on demand or web site.
      1. Product information - pricing, dimensions,
      2. Shipping prices, shipping times and procedures.
      3. (Review our list of items that belong on your web site.)
    4. Automate your sales system
      1. Set up your computer to accept faxed orders.
      2. Set up your computer to accept orders via the Internet.
        1. Accept checks via fax or the Internet
        2. Accept credit cards via fax or the Internet .
        3. Accept payments via Paypal, Clickbank and more.
  6. Automate your marketing campaign with these Internet based tools.
    1. Set up e-mail responders to market to your customers, 24/7.
    2. Write your own e-zine or submit articles you have written to other e-zines.
    3. Implement Postmaster- as your new, automated marketing system.
  7. Pre-qualify your leads to cut down on poor leads and save time.
    1. Set up an e-mail responder as a pre-qualification tool.
    2. Set up a web site as a pre-qualification tool
  8. Increase sales and profits by allowing others to sell your products.
  9. Build credibility and sales by establising yourself up as "the expert."
    1. Offer to provide free articles to web sites as and e-zines.
    2. Offer to provide free articles to magazines and newspapers.
    3. Offer to be a guest speaker on television, radio, and for local groups.
  10. Create a self replicating site so others can sell your products.
    1. The internet makes it very easy to pay others to promote and sell your products!
      1. Simply set up a site to sell your products, decide on a commission plan, and start in 3 days!
  11. Set up on-line training and support for your customers, employees and resellers.
    1. Utilize e-mail and your web site or fax system.
    2. Set up an Intranet with password protected areas. (siteblast!)
    3. Don't pay for training of employees and customers - give it as a perk!
  12. Strive to make repeat sales to existing customers.
    1. It is much easier and less expensive to make repeat sales, particularly via the net.
  13. Strive to give and receive referrals from existing customers or friends.
    1. Join a referral club and attend weekly meetings to make new contacts.
    2. Build a network of business contacts you know and trust - one for each industry.
    3. Start making referrals! Referals come back to you many times over if done correctly!
    4. Remember, referrals are the best form of marketing because:
      1. Are pre-qualified.
      2. Are basically free.
      3. Already do rust you.
      4. Bring you more referrals
  14. Reduce costs by utilizing free and affiliate based services.
  15. Let an expert access your computer to set up these services for you.
  16. Outsource (hire) someone to take care of things you cannot or should not do.
  17. Set up forms and checklist for tasks you may not otherwise automate.
    1. Buy a day timer or use your computer for scheduling. .
    2. Use the forms we have provided for scheduled backups, tracking serial numbers and more!
  18. Print the check list from chapter 1, and use it!



Our checklist for success

Note: Many of the tools in this check list will make your computing experience more rewarding even for home use. If you are in business, print this check list for success and follow it throughout the life of your business, from the planning stages to the time when you retire! We have listed over 50 key services every business needs for success and will be adding more, so check back regularly!

Here are just two examples!
STEP # 1

[ ] Start and complete your business plan.

Be sure to utilize all government and counseling services such as the SBA, local Score office and consult with an attorney and before you start any business.

[ ] Apply for and [ ] receive all State Sales Tax Accounts.
[ ] Apply for and [ ] receive your Federal ID Number.
[ ] Apply for and [ ] receive any and all local licenses.

Sales tax ID __________________ Date: ___________________

Federal ID# __________________ Date: ___________________

Local ID# _________ __________ Date: ___________________



 Introduction to Computing
  1. History of computing.
  2. A unique antique computer collection.
  3. What can you do with computer in today's society?
  4. How to purchase a new computer and choose the best software.
  5. How to find the right computer training for your new computer.
  6. A guide to hardware (the items you see).
    1. A simple checklist / request for a quote form for vendors.
  7. Choosing the right software (applications) for your computer.
    1. Our top 25 software applications.
    2. Basic Software Applications.
      1. Word Processing.
      2. Spreadsheets.
      3. Presentations.
      4. Databases.
      5. Games.
      6. Internet.
      7. Desktop Publishing.
        1. Letterhead.
        2. Certificates.
        3. Business Cards.
        4. Brochures and fliers.
    3. Our top 25 software packages by application.
    4. Shareware software - try before you buy, some free too!
    5. The future - renting your software applications.
  8. Setting up your computer.
    1. Unpacking your new computer.
    2. Sending in your registration cards.
  9. Computer training options.
    1. One on one training.
    2. CD Roms and Video Tapes.
    3. On-line training via the Internet.
  10. Tracking serial numbers for insurance needs.
    1. Why it is important to save this documentation.
    2. Send in this form to your insurance company.
  11. Maintenance of your computer.
    1. Backing up your data.
      1. How to back up your computer data.
      2. A form for scheduling and tracking backups.
  12. How to clean your computer.
  13. Virus protection for your computer.
    1. Free virus check via the Internet.
    2. The 2 most popular software programs.
  14. Analyzing the effectiveness of upgrading your computer.
  15. Purchasing a new computer again when it's time!



Introduction to the Internet
  1. How the Internet works.
  2. How to get on the Internet.
    1. Internet Service providers (ISP).
    2. Hardware and software requirements.
  3. What can you can do on the Internet?
    1. e-mail - send and receive messages for free!
    2. Surfing the Internet (www - world wide web).
    3. Search the Internet, using search engines or directories.
    4. FTP - file transfer protocol - upload or download files.
    5. Newsgroups - join discussions on thousands of topics.
    6. IRC - Internet Relay Chat - live discussions via the keyboard.
    7. Send and receive money through the Internet.
    8. Free Long Distance calling via the Internet.
    9. Video Conferencing with voice and images.
  4. Concerns of using the Internet in today's society.
    1. Computer viruses that damage your computer.
    2. Pornography that damages your relationships.
  5. Computing tips for senior citizens.
  6. The future of computers in society and why you need to be on the Internet.



Book # 2

Websites for everyone, for every need, in every price range.

Deciding what type of web site (home page) is best for you!
  1. Personal use Web sites.
  2. Personal (family) Web sites.
  3. ”Special Interest” and club Web sites.
  4. Church and nonprofit entity Web sites.
  5. Web sites for Business use.
    1. Sales.
    2. Customer Support.
    3. e-commerce enabled Web sites for on-line sales.
      1. Ways to collect money with your web site.
        1. Accepting credit cards.
        2. Accepting payments via Paypal.
        3. Accepting payments via Money Wallets.
  6. Intranets for employee support - share data, e-mail, more.
  7. Extra Income oriented Websites and affiliate based programs.




Tools for creating your website.
  1. What you do need and don't need!
    1. Your own servers (software and hardware for hosting).
    2. Expensive programs or programmers.
  2. What you do need for your web site:
  3. Digital cameras for computer ready pictures.
  4. Digital scanners to scan in images and text to your computer.
  5. Computer Graphics.
    1. A note about copyrights and Trademarks.
    2. A word about GIF image compression.
    3. Sources for free graphics.
    4. Logo design services.
    5. Animated graphics.
      1. Background images.
      2. Bullets.
      3. Buttons.
      4. Fonts.
  6. Support for visitors to your site:
    1. Live Voice Operators.
    2. Humanclick– talk live to your customers via your website.
    3. Bythephone– conference calls via the Internet with more than one customer.
    4. Dialpad -  Free Long Distance phone via the Internet for support.
  7. Tools to track the number of visitors and other marketing tools.
    1. Visitor/Hit Counters.
    2. External audits – hire a third party company to track marketing success or failures!
    3. Install cookies in your websites to learn more about the habits of your visitors.
    4. Forms to get data from the customer. Which leads to our next chapter!
    5. E-mail responders for following up with customers.
      1. Postmaster – the best program for e-mail responders and contact management.
  8. Choosing your domain name.
  9. Registering your domain name.
  10. Choosing the right host for your site.
    1. Questions to ask potential web site hosts.
  11. Website Templates – a great place to start.
  12. Assessing your needs and even your computing skills.
  13. Is a free Website from a template your best option?
    1. Computer Languages – what do you really need to know?
    2. Website Development Training Options via the Internet.
    3. Free Applets or Java Scripts to make life simple!
    4. Where to find a consultant to help build your web site.
    5. Today's' average costs for web site development.
  14. Website development training via the Internet.
  15. Final steps before publishing your web site.



Top Tools for marketing your website.
  1. Banner Ads and how to create them.
  2. Banner exchange programs with related sites.
  3. A completely automated e-mail responder system.
  4. Search engine submittal software and submittal service .
    1. Proboost - automated search engine submittals.
    2. Submitwolf – automated search engine submittals.
    3. Free Review of your website position in the search engines.
    4. Submittal Software/Sites for Pay per visitor search engines.
    5. Classified ads submittal Software/sites.
  5. Capturing names from visits to your website .
    1. Leadspinner – automated name capture software.
    2. Customized forms from freeforms.
  6. Creating your own opt-in lists or buying.
  7. Purchasing mailing lists.
    1. Standard mailing lists.
    2. Purchasing pre-qualified leads.
  8. Submitting a press release to the media.
  9. Linking your site to related webrings.
  10. Advertising on newsgroups.
  11. e-zines and newsletters – a solution via e-mail.
    1. Advertising in industry related e-zines.
    2. Creating your own e-zine and newsletters.
  12. Egroups and yahooo groups.
  13. Postmaster – the ultimate solution.
  14. Passive tools for marketing your website (services to keep them coming back).
    1. Chat Rooms.
    2. Discussion groups.
  15. Top ways to promote your site off the Internet!

    Once again, please review the final steps before publishing your website.



Referral, affiliate and associate programs.

(some of these options may require technical skills).
  1. What are affiliate or associate programs?
  2. How do affiliate programs work in general?
  3. How do you make money using these programs?
  4. Examples of affiliate and associate business programs.
  5. Reviews of our top 25 Affiliate programs and business tools.
  6. Here are the steps to take for success with affiliate programs.
  7. Marketing ideas that don’t work, like bulk e-mail.
  8. Deciding on a real business plan and sticking to it.
  9. The problems of being in a retail business in today’s world.
  10. The solution – affiliate business programs on the Internet!
    1. The real secret to success:
    2. Develop an e-mail newsletter marketing campaign.
  11. Utilizing post-master to manage your clients.
  12. Automating the process of collecting names for your newsletter.
  13. Collecting names from your website, writing a newsletter and building customer list.
  14. Leadspinner VS Postmaster.
  15. Target specific markets to build your customer base.
    1. Working your warm market.
    2. Helping your 2 contacts find 2 for thousands of dollars!
    3. Targeting other Affiliate programs and members for your products.
  16. Top ways to add prospects to your e-mail campaign.
    1. Ask for referrals from your current customers.
    2. Offer Giveaways – sweepstakes and drawings.
    3. Join a referral group in your community.
    4. Buy leads from list brokers.
    5. Buy pre-qualified leads.
    6. Join opt in lists for leads.
    7. Free classified links.
    8. Join the Daily Leads Program.
    9. Join related webrings.
    10. Writing free articles for e-zines (newsletters) on the Internet.
      1. What are e-zines?
      2. Where to find the appropriate e-zine.
      3. How to write an article.
      4. How to submit your article.
      5. Advertise in e-zines.
      6. Where to find a list of all e-zines.
      7. How to exchange advertisements in e-zines.
      8. Examples of ads that work.
    11. Free publicity off the Internet to promote your business.
      1. Submit press releases to magazines and newspapers.
      2. Give seminars and conferences on your topic.
      3. Become an expert guest speaker for local groups.
      4. Be a guest speaker on your expertise for local radio/TV
      5. Write a column for a local newspaper or national magazine.



Self Help Section: Using the Internet to move forward!Please choose one: Start with a good education, to get the right job, decide if you wish to relocate to a new community, start a family, start retirement planning (including repairing bad credit problems), maintain your health, and finally, the most important self help of all, become a mentor!
  1. Education.
    1. What it means to you!
    2. A Tuition Assistance guide.
    3. A Technical Certification guide.
    4. Test your computer skills.
    5. On-Line Training (free).
  2. Employment:
    1. Salary Guides.
    2. Self Assessment Assistance.
    3. Keeping your current job with some changes.
    4. Employment Assistance - job hunting skills and tips.
    5. Finding the right new job
      1. Classified ads/head hunters/The Internet.
      2. Government agencies and assistance.
        1. Job listings.
        2. Interviewing.
        3. Resume writing.
      3. Attaining technical certifications.
        1. Technology skills self assessments.
  3. Relocation Tips
    1. Finding the right community.
      1. Community features.
      2. Cost of living adjustments.
    2. Finding the right job opportunity.
    3. Finding the right new home.
      1. (Making the buy vs. rent decision).
      2. Payment Calculator.
      3. Finding a Realtor.
      4. Mortgage glossary.
    4. Finding a new apartment.
      1. Locator services.
      2. Renter's insurance.
    5. Making the move.
      1. Moving Companies.
      2. Packing Calculators.
      3. Do it yourself:
        1. Truck rentals.
        2. Guides for moving.
        3. Change of Address.
  4. Retirement Plans.
    1. Understanding/Financial planning.
    2. Glossary of Terms.
    3. Retirement Planning.
    4. Debt counseling.
  5. Fixing "bad" credit and asking for a free credit report.



Building your faith and becoming a mentor. Plain and simple, if you've been blessed,
pass it on! We all need mentors in our lives, but perhaps it needs to start with you!



FORMS for most any business or business need!

IRS Tax forms.
Tape backup schedule
Request for credit from a vendor.
Request for a personal credit report.
Tracking computer serial numbers for your insurance.


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