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TESTIMONIALS OF THE POWER OF OUR business plan template:

Listen to this testimonial:

My New Office dot com has given me the ability to recruit across the country in several different states in the same day from the convenience of my own home, talking directly to my prospective recruits is just a keystroke away.

Now instead of all that traveling, and nights away from home, and spending more than 2 dollars a gallon for gas, I can show people a complete overview of my products and services as many times as I need to on a daily basis for less than a dollar a day! My new Office dot com also allows me to start working with new sales associates right away , and this allows the new person to grow their business immediately, and thatís what business is really all about!

Thanks soo much John, for such a cost effective, business building tool!

Jack Miller
Pre Paid Legal Services

"It's truly an amazing comprehensive list of all the points you'd need to cover in starting a business. If someone misses something, it's not because it's not included in your checklist.

Rosalind Gardner
Internet Marketing Coach


"Through the e-book and checklist approach, John continues to update it with the latest tools. His passion for continual development of his products increases its value daily.

I am confident that you will find at least one new tool to help you improve your business from the checklist and his books.

Jonathan Jones

Provider of management consulting associated with Dale Carnegie - St. Louis for 11 years with a focus on executive leadership development; and management, process, and results alignment.

A few of Mr. Jones clients: EDS General Motors, Southwestern Bell, and more.


"If I were a High School or college instructor looking for the single most important source of information to help my students understand the depth, scope and workings of doing business on the Internet, I'd direct them to the web site and save all the time others are wasting trying to get a grip on this information giant."

M.E. Prosser, BA, MS, PhD Publishing Co, Author: The Real Estate Primer, educational consultant, business consultant, owner: Automotive Computer Systems, The Center For Real Estate Education.


Listen to this testimonial:

John Davin, Marcia and I want to let you know how much we appreciate the technology you introduced to us.

Since we started using this incredible technology we have grown our business into fifteen new states that we did not have to leave our office to accomplish.

We were able to save travel time, money and increase productivity. Not only have we grown our business into these different states but have been able to train these new associates from our office in Des Moines, Iowa.

Education on how to present the product properly and overcome objections is extremely important and with this technology we able to give them immediate attention even though we are hundreds to thousand miles from each of them. Having them in the same conference room also saves them the same type of savings because they do not have to travel or spend additional money as well.

We also appreciate the service that you gave us to learn and take advantage of this technology. Again, our growth has just exploded in the last six month because of your technology.

Marcia and Dan PPL Associates

Marcia Salem: Vice President of Group Training for Iowa
Top producer in Iowa 4 years running.

Dan Pettyjohn: Fast start trainer and
#5 Top Recruiter in the nation.

"John, I started to use your checklist and my wife asked me to thank you for helping me finally get all of the information about my business in one place where I can find it quickly and easily when I or she needs it."

Thanks John.

Jeff Showalter
Radio Producer

PS: If you need ideas on promoting the book, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a few ideas.

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